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Amazon quietly releases a lite mobile browser for Android

Amazon has discreetly launched a mobile web browser called Internet, currently only available for Android and in India.

Amazon has launched an Android web browser app called Internet, in India. — AFP Relaxnews

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 shaking up singleplayer, battle royale

The 2018 edition of Call Of Duty is likely to downplay singleplayer elements and is adding a battle royale mode.

An official reveal for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 is due May 17. — AFP Relaxnews

Microsoft reveals new IoT platform based on custom Linux kernel

Azure Sphere is essentially a microcontroller directly connected to the Redmond firm's cloud and managed by a new operating system based on Linux.

Microsoft aims to secure Internet of Things devices with its new Azure Sphere solution. — AFP Relaxnews

NBA videogame league to stream exclusively on Amazon’s Twitch

The National Basketball Association’s new professional videogame league signed a multiyear broadcast contract with Twitch, the streaming service owned by Inc.

In tech we trust – but less than half of Americans are ready for the next disaster

Less than half of Americans have basic emergency information to hand should calamity strike, an Ipsos survey revealed on April 18, yet 83% are confident technology will play “an important role” in their preparation for the next disaster.

US ban on sales to ZTE triggers patriotic rhetoric in China

A US ban on sales of American components to ZTE Corp has unleashed a patriotic backlash in China's cyberspace, highlighting the growing tension between the world's two largest economies.

Sympathy for ZTE has swept Chinese social media while most domestic newspapers have chosen to put the lion's share of the blame for the telecom equipment maker's troubles on China's heavy reliance on foreign semiconductors. — Reuters

Netflix rolls out mobile preview trailers

Netflix mobile users can now enjoy sudden and unprompted auto-playing trailers even on the mobile app.

Auto-playing trailers for Netflix shows will now be available on their mobile app too. — Netflix

Intel closes wearables division but isn’t quitting the market yet

Tech giant Intel's foray into wearables took a blow after it closed the New Devices Group, though Intel is insisting it's not leaving the market entirely.

Intel's efforts in the wearables market took a hit after it closed the New Device Group. — Intel

Your data can be hijacked if you use Login With Facebook

After the explosive Cambridge Analytica saga, the social media platform has been hit again with another scandal involving its ubiquitious Login With Facebook feature that is available on most apps and websites.

The vulnerability allows the trackers to get access to user’s personal data that was provided to the website. — AFP

Amazon teams up with Best Buy to sell Insignia, Toshiba TVs with Fire TV built-in

In its quest to get more consumers to use its Fire TV products, Amazon announced an unusual partnership: The company has teamed up with Best Buy to sell 11 TV sets powered by Amazon’s Fire smart TV operating system this year.

Joly (right) and Bezos came together to discuss the deal. — Business Wire/TNS