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P&G ends its YouTube advertising boycott, but with a catch

Procter & Gamble Co, one of world’s biggest advertisers, kept its ads off YouTube for more than a year because of concerns about inappropriate content. Now it’s returning to the video site, but a lot more selectively than before.

ZTE woes may boost network rivals Ericsson and Nokia

Investors are warming to beleaguered mobile network makers Ericsson and Nokia as they begin to recover ahead of a once-a-decade uplift from a new business cycle and an unexpected boost from a US ban on exports to low-cost Chinese rival ZTE.

Whether or not a Commerce Department ban on US firms supplying components to ZTE holds up, Ericsson and Nokia still face a tough year ahead amid weak overall market demand as telecom operators keep a tight lid on network capital spending. — Reuters

Hulu’s value is now US$8.7bil, but still dwarfed by Netflix

The streaming service Hulu, which has gained clout thanks to shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, is now worth about US$8.7bil (RM33.85bil). But that remains a small fraction of Netflix Inc’s value.

If Hulu were valued in the same manner as Netflix, it would carry a much higher price, according to Bloomberg Intelligence. — Reuters

Amazon’s US packaged food sales increased 48% in quarter Inc shoppers are buying more packaged foods, pushing the e-commerce giant deeper into grocery sales.

DeBeers rolls out app to clean up Sierra Leone diamond supply chain

Global diamond giant De Beers is rolling out an app to help small-scale, artisanal diamond miners in Sierra Leone certify that gems they pry from the soil are legal, the Anglo American unit said.

Artisanal miners pan for diamonds, which fuelled the 1991-2002 civil war, in the town of Koidu in eastern Sierra Leone. According to DDI, up to 20% of global gem-quality diamond supplies are produced by artisanal miners, who typically wash gravel by hand in conditions that are often unhygienic and dangerous. — Reuters

Google satellite tracking is Indonesia’s weapon in fishing war

Indonesia’s Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti deals with some dangerous men in her role, but they don’t rattle her. She has an equally intimidating weapon on her side: Google.

PwC had cleared Facebook’s privacy practices in leak period

Facebook Inc's privacy practices were cleared by auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in an assessment completed last year of the period in which data analytics consultancy Cambridge Analytica gained access to the personal data of millions of Facebook users.

Facebook had established and implemented a comprehensive privacy program and its privacy controls were operating with sufficient effectiveness to provide reasonable assurance to protect the privacy of covered information, PwC said in a report submitted to the FTC. — Reuters

Indonesia demands more answers from Facebook on data misuse

Indonesia has given Facebook a week to provide more information on how personal data of about one million of its citizens was misused and on the steps the company is taking to prevent such breaches, the country's communications ministry said.

The ministry had asked for more details and documents on any misuse of data, including whether data had been shared with other third parties such as CubeYou and Aggregate IQ. — Reuters

Nintendo’s US$30bil rally now depends on cardboard pianos

Nintendo Co got its start in 1889 as a successful manufacturer of “hanafuda” – Japanese playing cards made out of stiff paper. Now the game maker is embracing the same materials for its next trick.

Nintendo Co 'hanafuda' playing cards in Tokyo, Japan. Nintendo got its start in 1889 as a successful manufacturer of 'hanafuda' but now the game maker is embracing the same materials for its next trick and starts selling on April 20 an unusual collection of attachments for its hybrid Switch tablet-console: cardboard add-ons called Nintendo Labo. — Bloomberg

Lyft to offset emissions from rides with projects combating climate change

Lyft Inc is launching a programme to offset emissions from the 1.4 million cars that drive for the US ride-hailing service by investing in projects to reduce other sources of greenhouse gas, the company said.

Zimmer said the project took on a heightened sense of urgency since the US Environmental Protection Agency this month moved to ease Obama-era vehicle emissions standards. — Reuters