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Juniper Networks the answer to WFH problems and cybersecurity

BUILDING a business of any size today invariably involves technology.

Even something as small as a homegrown business owned and operated by just one person, conducting business inevitably requires hooking up to a network.

The Internet is obviously a major form with a global reach, one that is invaluable for research, communication, learning, productivity and a whole lot more.

Then take into consideration these restrictive times we are undergoing thanks to the pandemic, this electronic link to the outside world becomes even more crucial.

At its core, a computer network consists of an integration of interconnected computers, servers, mainframes, network devices, peripherals, or other devices connected to one another to allow the sharing of data and resources.

These separate components are linked via cables, telephone lines, radio waves, satellites, or even infrared light beams across vast oceans and continents.

Important links

A simple business setup would probably link from a laptop to the printer and to the outside world via the Internet.

But normally typical businesses with employees conducting several individual yet connected tasks require a proper network system; this could be to share data or share the use of a printer or Wi-Fi network in order to access emails or troubleshoot problem areas.

Because networks form the structural framework that interfaces with organisations, individuals, and even equipment to form a cohesive whole, they drive data and insights from where these are generated and open opportunities by delivering these insights to decision makers.

With the Covid-19 pandemic still holding sway the world over, the importance of a robust network also becomes critical as most white-collar workers were once again required to stay and work from home.

This presents an essential period for organisations, big and small, to level up their technological assets in order to accommodate the new normal of remote working.

Smaller- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have traditionally kept their processes lean and basic, found that they need to assimilate more technologies into their business if they were to continue functioning during the early stages of the movement control order (MCO) days.

Another pressing issue faced during the pandemic is when the circle of networks extends beyond offices and into employees’ homes is security, as junctures that are added to extend a network leave them vulnerable to cyberattacks.

In fact, it was reported that during this recent pandemic lockdown worldwide, manufacturing companies across as many as 27 industries saw a rise of 11% in attacks and intrusions on their networks compared to the whole of 2019.

Simplifying network confusion

With these issues abound, SMEs and even larger corporations look for technology providers that can pave the way with effective, cost-effective and certainly more secure solutions.

Homegrown businesses and locally based corporations face even more challenges during these difficult times and would need the connection to explore ideas and unleash their full potential.

Founded in 1996 in Sunnyvale, California, USA, Juniper Networks stands as a viable solution provider for these enterprises.

As a multinational corporation that “engages in the design, development, and sale of products and services for high-performance networks”, as noted by global media company Forbes, its customers include the top 100 global service providers worldwide and 30,000 enterprises – from Global Fortune 100 to hundreds of federal, state, and local government agencies and higher educational organisations.

In July this year, it was named a Leader in Gartner's 2020 Magic Quadrant for Data Centre and Cloud Networking.

As a company steered and manned by innovators, Juniper Networks insists on paring down obfuscating technological details by maintaining simplicity through its engineering, which it views as the highest form of innovation.

With this ideology as the core of its engineering processes, Juniper Networks strives to deliver outstanding business experiences to its wide-range of customers, using secure, AI-driven networking solutions.

These intelligence-based protocols will help decision makers navigate the difficult landscape of business technology today and the future.

Its range of expertise includes the construction and maintenance of 5G nationwide networks, to enabling seamless connectivity within one of world’s busiest domestic railway systems, to empowering community touchpoints for an urban network of family centres.

Integral to the solutions provided by Juniper Networks is a product range of routers, switches, network management software, network security products, and software-defined networking technology.

Influential global presence

Examples of Juniper Networks’ involvement can be found worldwide.

Some of its recent collaborations in August this year include assisting Australia’s Macquarie Telecom disrupting the traditional telco industry’s status quo by introducing a more agile, automated and AI-driven innovation that refreshes its nationwide network from the core to the edge.

Another Down Under venture involved facilitating the Archdiocese of Brisbane and Centacare in lowering its IT troubleshooting costs and maximising its end-user experience across mass centres, schools, family services sites and offices.

Its most recent partnership was just last month; as Telefónica Spain continues providing its 5G network across that country, it reached out to Juniper Networks to ensure that all traffic is kept secure and its infrastructure protected.

Cutting-edge technologies

Thanks to the need for industries to expand their business and corporate reach, as well as concerns in cybersecurity, it pays to have a robust and protected network as that provides both functionality and security.

Juniper Networks embarked on delivering its first AI-driven network five years ago to address the need for self-driving networks that optimise user experiences and lower IT costs through end-to-end automation and insight.

Called Mist AI, this technology brings insights and Juniper Network’s own Self-Driving Network automation to optimise end-to-end user experiences and lower technology costs across a wide range of networks. Just last July, a fourth expansion was announced to bring Mist AI to SD-WAN. These enhancements to the Juniper AI-driven Enterprise will help simplify operations, provide deeper visibility and proactive recommendations, and deliver better end-user and application experiences.

In August this year, the company released four new wireless access points to extend the benefits of the Mist AI-driven Wi-Fi 6 to cost-conscious small businesses, locations with extreme weather conditions – such as the outdoors, unique form factor requirements – like dormitories, and enterprises with many remote workers.

With the Malaysian Government’s directive on Oct 22 for 100,000 employees to work from home (WFH), transitioning to an AI-driven enterprise becomes vital.

Juniper Networks’ Enterprise at Home solutions makes it possible for those working from home to have AI-driven user experiences directly.

However working from home presents tech professionals another obstacle; the ability to trace and secure these networks, as there is suddenly a larger ground to cover.

Extensive networks become highly susceptible to attacks. As a countermeasure, on Oct 7, Juniper Networks released a solution that allows better visibility and security policy enforcement on any device anywhere.

It is able to provide data based on who and what is currently attacking the network and who the attack is targeting. This allows tech professionals tasked with security with the information and visibility needed to face oncoming cyberattacks.

Juniper Networks’ simplifies the network process for enterprises and organisations and helps the transitioning into the multi-cloud era with its secure and automated AI-driven networks as painless as possible.

To find more out how Juniper Networks can help you transform your business through networks, visit

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