Microsoft teases Windows 1.0; Internet gets confused, then excited

Is it 1985 again?

Does Microsoft know that it’s way past April 1? Because if its latest announcement was meant as a joke, the tech company totally missed the punchline. 

Microsoft announced the “all-new” Windows 1.0 on Twitter and Instagram without any context or explanation, leaving only a video for the viewers to decipher. 

The 13-second video with an 80s vibe shows all the previous logos of the operating system, and ends with an original logo of 1.0.

The company then followed up the announcement with a tweet saying “It’s going to be totally tubular!”

Of course the Internet is not going to sit this one out, with many posting memes and theories directed at the company.

The most popular theory is that Microsoft is working with Netflix on a special collaboration for the hit show Stranger Things 3 that is set for release tomorrow.

CNET writes that Microsoft’s first graphical user interface (GUI) was released in 1985, the same year that the third season of the show takes place. Coincidence? Perhaps.

Nevertheless, we just have to wait and see what Microsoft really meant with that announcement, but until then ... enjoy these reactions.


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