Dyson V11 Absolute: A super dust buster

The mini motorised attachment is handy for dusting the car and other small spaces.

My rag rug is pretty to look at but a chore to clean. My corded ­vacuum cleaner doesn’t do a ­thorough enough job, and my robot vacuum cleaner ends up strangled by the rags.

So, it was the first item I cleaned when I got the Dyson V11 Absolute, which promises 20% more suction power than its predecessor, the V10. Because I don’t own a V10, I had no way of comparing between models, but what I could see was the huge amount of dust and hair that ­quickly accumulated in the bin.

I used the High Torque cleaner head, which is Dyson’s most powerful cord-free cleaner head. It glided smoothly on my rag rug without tangling up loose rags, and collected so much dust and hair I was momentarily traumatised by what a health hazard that pretty rug was.

The V11 Absolute was good for cleaning my rag rug, and with a change to the brush attachment I was also able to dust my macrame plant hanger. — IVY SOON/The Star

And that was only in the first five minutes of running the vacuum on the rug. I have never been an ­enthusiastic cleaner, but a sleek powerful hand-held vacuum cleaner that looks more like a sci-fi toy makes attacking dust a game I can get into.

Instead of an on/off button, you press on a ­trigger, and you see the dust ­collected in the cylinder. Cordless vacuum cleaners are usually more of a complementary gadget to corded models because they are not as powerful and have limited battery life.

But in recent years, Dyson has built a solid ­reputation for designing top-of-the-line cord-free vacuum cleaners that intelligently optimise power and run time, negating the need for a corded machine.

It’s an innovation that’s much appreciated as the mobility – the freedom of not having to plug in a vacuum cleaner and not being limited by cord length – makes it super convenient, especially for spot cleaning (clearing off Play Doh and cookie crumbs) and ­dusting high shelves.

You could also easily switch from stick to hand-held mode with an easy click, depending on the space you need to clean. The V11’s heads are easily maneuvered, its swivel akin to that of a high-end pram’s wheels, which makes cleaning easy.

High tech innovation

The V11 Absolute is the latest in the brand’s range of cord-free vacuum cleaners, and there are added innovations to make cleaning even more efficient.

Three microprocessors – located in the Dynamic Load Sensor inside the High Torque cleaner head, inside the Dyson digital motor V11 and inside the battery – monitor ­performances up to 8,000 times a second. This means that the suction automatically adjusts according to the floor type.

V11 is also the first Dyson ­cordless vacuum to feature a built-in screen to show the remaining runtime and the battery mode (auto, boost and eco). You can also choose the battery mode you want to use, according to your cleaning needs and remaining runtime.

It’s a useful feature especially for those with bigger houses to clean as a full charge takes 4.5 hours, so it helps users plan accordingly.The LCD display will also let you know when it’s time to change the filter and, if it’s not connected ­properly, will throw up a notification for that as well.

If there’s an airway blockage somewhere, the screen will provide details on how to get rid of it by playing a demo of how to take the vacuum apart. The cleaner head is able to detect brush bar resistance up to 360 times a second.

This is then ­communicated to the motor and battery microprocessors, resulting in changing suction power as the vacuum glides between hard floors and carpets. Translated into layman terms, it means that I am able to vacuum my rug and hard floors without changing cleaner heads.

The Dynamic Load Sensor inside the High Torque cleaner head automatically adjusts the suction according to the floor type.

The High Torque cleaner head also features stiff nylon bristles that drive deep into carpets to remove ground-in dirt and anti-static ­carbon fibre filaments that capture dust from hard floor and crevices.

But there is also a soft roller cleaner head engineered for hard floors to suck up fine dust and large debris in the package. For my ­apartment, the High Torque was sufficient for me to clean all my rooms at one go.

But when I am not cleaning my rug, I use the soft roller and it does a good job. The V11 also features a fully sealed filtration system that is claimed to ­capture 99.97% of ­particles with 14 cyclones that generate forces of more than 79,000g to fling miscroscopic particles such as pollen and bacteria into the bin.

Efficient cleaning

Because the V11 motor is powerful, I found that I generally only had to pass my vacuum once over surfaces, which makes cleaning much quicker. So, I found that I haven’t been able to test the battery run time because I haven’t had to clean for up to the 60 minutes Dyson promises on this machine.

I have used it up to 40 minutes – switching between auto and eco mode, and briefly on boost mode. The V11 also comes with various brushes for different jobs. For small spaces and the car, I used the mini motorised tool. There is also the soft dusting brush that I use to get the dust off wall skirtings and window ledges.

For the couch, I used the combination brush for the surfaces and the crevice tool to get into the sides.There is also the stubborn dirt brush that I used for cleaning the fan, though the stick vacuum got a little heavy for me to hold up while perched on a stool. It did take out the dirt, but you’d still need to give the blades a good wipe.

There’s a slightly bigger battery inside the V11 compared to the V10, which increased its weight to 2.95kg. Holding it down on stick mode or handheld was fine, but holding it up gets heavy for me.There is no instruction manual in the box but you only need to Google to know what the attachments are for.

The LCD screen tells users the battery mode and the remaining runtime.

Or you can just switch attachments and experiment. But I found that most times I only really used the Torque cleaner head, the small motorised tool, the crevice tool and a brush. There is a storage clip for two attachments that you can attach to the extension pole, so it’s all very convenient.

Another feature I like is the point and eject V11 bin. You don’t have to have any contact with the dust and dirt collected to dispose of it. All that it required is to hover the bin over a trashcan and push down a lever to drop the content.

As it’s transparent, you also see how much dirt, dust and hair are collected. My rag rug and car were dust bombs!I have only used the V11 for a month, and have quickly become used to its convenience.

Apart from cleaning weekly, I found myself doing more spot cleaning. It only takes mere minutes to grab the cordless vacuum cleaner to suck up hair from the bathroom floor after a blow dry, or to clean around the dining area for crumbs after a meal.

I can definitely say I have a ­cleaner apartment with the Dyson V11, but this high tech gadget also comes with a steep price tag at RM3,399. This is a brand that invests in technology to make everyday chores such as cleaning and drying hair more efficient but its products are also top of the range price-wise.

No doubt the machines work well, but the ­deciding factor is whether you are able or willing to pay for the science. The Dyson V11 Absolute retails at RM3,399 and can be purchased on shop.dyson.my, Dyson Demo (The Gardens Mall) and other major ­electrical outlets in Malaysia. 


Cordless vacuum cleaner
ACCESSORIES: High Torcque cleaner head, Soft roller cleaner head, mini motorised tool, combination tool, crevice tool, soft dusting brush, wand storage clip, floor dock, drop-in dock. 
BATTERY:  Up to 60 minutes, in eco mode
DIMENSION: 1,286mm x 250mm x 261mm
WEIGHT: 2.95kg
WEBSITE: shop.dyson.my
PRICE: RM3,399 for Absolute


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