Dr Mario World for mobile arriving July 10

Nintendo mascot Mario heads up Dr. Mario World, where he is joined by Princess Peach, Yoshi, Bowser and many more. — AFP Relaxnews

The Dr. Mario series is the latest Nintendo franchise setting up on mobile devices, and the match-three puzzle has a three-minute video which shows the basics of how to play Dr. Mario World."

The seventh game in the Dr. Mario franchise is to debut on iOS and Android from July 10.

Players match coloured medicine capsules against same-coloured viruses to clear each screen.

An introductory video explains the general concept of a Dr. Mario game, as well as how Dr. Mario World includes an energy timer and virtual currencies.

There's no time limit, but each stage has a set number of viruses and a set number of medicine capsules to clean them up with, as well as various obstacles and items to work around.

As well as Dr Mario, players can unlock other characters from the Super Mario franchise, including Dr Peach, Dr Yoshi, and Dr Bowser, by using accumulated coins or purchased diamonds. Each has a different special power that can help players clear levels.

A heart meter dictates how often players can attempt stages. It fills up again over time.

Players can use coins to buy power-ups and diamonds to purchase special capsules, restore items, or replenish the stamina meter: diamonds cost US$1.99 (RM8.31) for the smallest 20-diamond pack, US$69.99 (RM292.25) for 1,050 diamonds, with various other quantities in between.

In this way, replenishing five hearts (5 level attempts) immediately costs 10 diamonds, US$0.99 (RM4.13) at the 20 diamond pack's exchange rate.

The game also has additional doctor's assistants, the ability to send and receive stamina hearts, and the game's versus mode, but these are not detailed in the initial video.

With a July release now set, Dr. Mario World becomes the sixth Nintendo game for mobile.

It follows social network Miitomo (now discontinued), Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Dragalia Lost.

Racing game Mario Kart Tour has been telegraphed for a mid-2019 release.

A sequence of 17-second scenes featuring the red, yellow and blue Dr. Mario viruses have been posted in support of the Dr. Mario World release date announcement.

– AFP Relaxnews

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