MaxisOne Plan supplementary line holders can now buy smartphones under Zerolution

The MaxisOne Plan has doubled the monthly data for its supplementary lines. — Maxis

The MaxisOne Plan has doubled the monthly data for its supplementary lines. — Maxis

Maxis has extended its Zerolution offer so subscribers of its MaxisOne Plan can also purchase smartphones for their supplementary lines, also known as Share Lines.

Though the Zerolution offer was originally only for the principal line holder, with the new MaxisOne Share plan, the offer is now open to all Share Lines – meaning up to five people can get a smartphone under one family plan.

There are four MaxisOne Plans – the 98, 128, 158, and 188 – which cost the equivalent amount respectively each month. The MaxisOne Plan 98 (RM98) is entitled to one Share Line, while the 128 plan (RM128) is entitled to two, the 158 plan (RM158) is eligible for three Share Lines and the 188 plan (RM188) is entitled to four Share Lines.

Zerolution offers a range of smartphones – including Samsung, Huawei and iPhones – for zero upfront payment and a zero interest rate on credit card payments, to be paid over monthly instalments while the subscriber signs on to a 24-month contract. At the end of the two-year contract, the subscriber gets to keep the phone.

Maxis product marketing head Arjun Varma said the change was driven by what the company had observed as a growing dependency on smartphones in families' everyday life, which is not always easy to meet due to the increase in smartphones' retail prices, and the limitation of family plans, as previously only principal line customers were able to purchase devices under a plan.

"We want every family to be able to stay connected with each other, which is why we are providing each and every line with access to the latest devices on Zerolution,” he said in a press release.

Maxis is also doubling the data quota for Share Lines to 20GB per line – now each Share Line adds 10GB into the group's Data Pool and also gets 10GB of personal data. Share Lines with a MaxisOne Home Fibre plan will continue to get unlimited data, and will also be eligible for the Zerolution offer.

The MaxisOne Plan 98 has a minimum 30GB shared data pool, while the 128 has 40GB, the 158 has 50GB and the 188 has 60GB. Since each Share Line adds 10GB, the maximum possible for the 188 plan is 100GB in the shared data pool with four Share Lines.

All subscribers under family plans also get unlimited calls and SMS to all networks. While travelling abroad, the family can also activate the MaxisOne World pass for RM38 a day to get free unlimited data, calls and SMS to any Asean country.

Customers can sign up at any Maxis Centre or online. For full terms and conditions, click here.