This week's videogame releases: 'Dauntless', 'Team Sonic Racing', more

Grand Theft Auto gets a retro-modern makeover in American Fugitive and a space-station thriller is turned on its head in Observation, while Dauntless makes a play for becoming the next big cross-platform hit, Team Sonic Racing prioritises teamwork over solo speed, and Total War: Three Kingdoms takes on Ancient China.

Dauntless for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC

Go hunt giant Behemoth monsters in teams of up to four in this free-to-play game that has full cross-platform multiplayer and a season pass system. Wearing its Monster Hunter influence for all to see while integrating elements from Fortnite and its contemporaries. 

Observation for PlayStation 4, Windows

A marooned-in-space thriller in which roles are reversed – instead of the lone astronaut on board, you're the space station, helping the passenger figure out what's happening.

Team Sonic Racing for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows PC

An arcade kart racer in the style of Mario Kart (as was its predecessors in the Sonic & All-Stars Racing franchise) but with a focus on Sonic The Hedgehog characters and, for better or worse, race-winning points allocated according to teamwork rather than purely by position.

Total War: Three Kingdoms for Windows PC

A first for the Total Warstrategy series, being set in ancient China, and inviting players to choose among 11 legendary Warlords on a campaign to unite the nation through fair means or foul, through battle, technological advancement, political maneuvering and trade.

American Fugitive for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows PC

Taking the approach of the very first Grand Theft Auto games and framing their birds' eye perspective within rural USA, this retro action adventure has players escaping prison with revenge in mind and the cops soon on their tail. – AFP Relaxnews