Twitter lowers daily follow limit from 1,000 to 400 to combat spam bots

For better or worse, Twitter has helped start revolutions and elect a president. But its immediacy, brevity, plus the anonymity it makes possible, have turned it into a living hell for some of its users. (Mohamed Ahmed Soliman/Dreamstime/TNS)

Twitter has announced via its Twitter Safety account that it is trying to hinder spam bots by lowering the daily follow limit from 1,000 to 400.

Spam bots generally follow a large number of user accounts within a short period of time in the hopes that the users would follow the bot account back. The bot would later unfollow the users in order to increase its follower to following ratio. Twitter calls this practice "churning" and lists it as a rule violation.

Twitter's head of site integrity Yoel Roth said that the reduction in the follow cap will not completely stop spam bots, but it will make it difficult for them.

He added that 400 was chosen as the cap because the platform found that almost half of the accounts that followed more than 400 users a day were churning, but Twitter did not want to burden legitimate users that actually needed to follow a large number of accounts in a single day.

Twitter also recently introduced a new feature called labels that identifies who are the users replying to a conversation. Read more about Twitter labels here.


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