Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid looks to traditional fighting game genre

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid could use an approach derived from mobile game experience — AFP Relaxnews

Though developer nWay's previous Power Rangers fighter used a card-based interface on mobile, 2019's Battle For The Grid promises "traditional fighting game inputs ... like Dragon Ball FighterZ or Marvel vs. Capcom."

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid will employ "traditional fighting game inputs that players are familiar with," its studio's VP of Creative confirmed to the PlayStation Blog.

"The controls are similar to a traditional fighter – something like a Dragon Ball FighterZ or Marvel vs. Capcom series, so you can expect battle mechanics in the team-based fighting genre," he said.

Both Marvel vs. Capcom and, more recently, 2018's Dragon Ball FighterZ, serve as not just solid video game adaptations of cartoon or TV show franchises, but also became part of the competitive tournament circuit.

NWay appears to understand the gravity of such an ambitious comparison, telling PlayStation that it had contracted legendary fighting game champ Justin Wong "to consult and help tune our game" so that it can stand "on par with the other top fighting games out there".

It marks a departure from nWay's well-received Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, 2017's free-to-play fighting game for iOS and Android.

It likewise had players construct three-person tag teams from across the Power Rangers pantheon, but replaced virtual buttons and combination special moves with left and right screen swipe movements and strategic card play that dictate more energetic, combative actions.

There'll be online ranked matches and a more casual versus mode at launch, as well as a story mode, Steve Kuroki, nWay's VP of Creative, explained, while 25 years of Power Rangers history means there's plenty of scope for post-release characters and content.

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid is expected to launch in April across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, on PC later in the year, and with cross-platform progression and cross-platform multiplayer between Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Windows PC. – AFP Relaxnews

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