Meditations launches year of short, reflective games

The Meditations game calendar provides a small thematic computer game for every day of the year. — AFP Relaxnews

The Meditations game calendar provides a small thematic computer game for every day of the year. — AFP Relaxnews

A new, year-long small games experience on PC and Mac promises a "meditation, distraction, lesson, or inspiration" for each day.

Dutch video game developer and speaker Rami Ismail has launched, a calendar app for Mac and PC that provides a small game for every day of the year.

Each is free of text and lasts less than five minutes.

"One morning in 2017, I played a short game that made me wish I had a new tiny game like it for every day of the year," explained Ismail through his Twitter account (@tha_rami).

That game was TEMPRES by Australia's independent developer Takorii, a reflective puzzle that became the first entry in the Meditations calendar.

Meditations will launch you a new game every day, inspired by that day, only on that day," Ismail continued.

"There's all sorts of games in here, from curious small puzzle games and challenging little platformers to personal games about life and loss and happiness and love and death and everything."

Meditations itself is a game launcher, like Steam, the Epic Games Store, or the FIFA and Sims publisher's Origin.

On the first day of each month, it downloads a new batch of files in preparation for the coming days and weeks.

Games represent "the lives and experiences of a wide variety of people" and are expected to cover a variety of personal topics, per the app's site.

Each day's description hints at the content of the relevant game, allowing players to anticipate any particularly sensitive themes in advance; discussion around each day's game is encouraged through the social media hashtag meditationgames.

With each game remaining active for a 24-hour period, those that miss a day will be able to try again in following years when the calendar repeats. The entry for Feb 29, a day which is present in the standard Gregorian calendar only every four years, is expected to become available in 2020.

A full list of credits is to be published on Dec 31,2019, with each day's being made available at midnight UTC / GMT (8am Malaysia time), and each day's game credits and links being made available in the Meditations launcher menu.

Meanwhile, an unofficial tracker logs each day's game at – AFP Relaxnews