Facebook takes a page from Pinterest in honour of holiday gift giving

Facebook wants to help with your holiday gifting. — AFP Relaxnews

Facebook wants to help with your holiday gifting. — AFP Relaxnews

Facebook on Dec 4 revealed a new aspect to its Facebook collections feature: these boards can now be shared with your friends. 

Users have had years to develop their Facebook collections with various posts, ads, videos, and marketplace listings and this week the company announced that the feature now has the capability to be shared with friends who can add content themselves. 

These collections, which are essentially the company's take on Pinterest's boards, have purposes that go beyond sharing your Christmas lists, as Facebook suggests. Because the collections are shared only with those friends that you select, you can easily organise a single place where everyone shares dinner party ideas. Alternatively, it's a space where you and your roommate can collaborate on home renovation plans. 

In any case, if you're an avid Pinterest user, Facebook is targeting you to come back to its platform for all your social connections and, now, for all your recipe, home, fashion – you name it – discoveries, too, though Facebook-owned Instagram is also trying to pull you in its direction. 

Last month, the photo-sharing platform enhanced on-site shopping by implementing a Shopping collection feature where users can store and track all items they're interested in purchasing – sounds familiar, right? 

Either way, Pinterest and Instagram are still going strong. This new Facebook feature will likely function as a platform enhancement, rather than lure users away from other discovery sites. – AFP Relaxnews