Marvel's Spider-Man: Swing into fun

Marvel's Spider-Man is full of web-slinging fun.

Marvel's Spider-Man is full of web-slinging fun.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is not only a great game but it’s one of the best superhero titles.

The Peter Parker that Insomniac Games and Marvel Entertainment have crafted in the new Spider-Man game is nothing like the one we’ve seen in previous games, or in the many movies.

In this Sony-published PlayStation 4 exclusive, Insomniac has crafted the best interactive Spidey ­adventure ever. And that’s saying a lot, given the quality games Activision released a couple decades back with Treyarch’s Spider-Man 2 being a stand-out.

The Parker in this game is older and wiser (23), so he’s been fighting crime in New York City since he was a teenager in high school.

Marvel’s Spider-Man
The game offers a ton of combat options to keep Spider-Man alive when taking on wave after wave of heavily-armed bad guys or the Who’s Who of super villains like Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture, Kingpin, Mr Negative, Dr Octopus and Electro.

That means the combat in this game offers a ton of options to keep Spider-Man alive when taking on wave after wave of heavily-armed bad guys (we’re talking enemies with rocket launchers) or the who’s who of super villains like Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture, Kingpin, Mr Negative, Dr Octopus and Electro.

And the controls are designed to allow for more casual gamers to ­easily button mash for some great manoeuvres, while the more astute players can really strategise with how they eliminate enemies ­(without ever killing them, of course).

Gadgets galore

It’s worth pointing out that Insomniac has made a lot of great games over the years (including Sunset Overdrive, Resistance and The Unspoken), but the one franchise that’s my personal favourite from this independent studio is Ratchet & Clank.

Marvel’s Spider-Man
Believe it or not, there's plenty to do in this game besides whaling on bad guys and/or supervillains.

And there are a lot of parallels between the endless arsenal of gadgets (like the Tripwire, Spider-Drone, and Web Bomb) and over 30 suits (including the Homemade ­costume and high-tech Tony Stark suits that Tom Holland wore in the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie) and the way you can play this game.

All of these cool toys are ­upgradeable, and the game’s ­intuitive menu system allows you to pick exactly how you want to play as Spidey.

This packs a lot of extra fun (and replay) to this game, which also offers a ton of side missions, ­collectibles and things to do outside of the entertaining story that Insomniac and Marvel have crafted (which stands up to any of the recent movies).

The story also offers additional playable characters in Mary Jane Watson (Peter’s old flame and ­current investigative reporter at The Daily Bugle) and African American-Latino teenager Miles Morales (who stars in Sony Pictures’ CGI Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie on Dec 14), which changes things up.

Marvel’s Spider-Man
MJ is now an investigative reporter instead of just Peter's old flame.

While Batman has had his own series of successful and very dark Arkham games in recent years, the thing that’s so different and fresh about Spider-Man is his personality.

Voice actor Yuri Lowenthal brings the wise-cracking and free-wheeling Peter (who hasn’t lost his sense of humour) to life in a memorable way. It adds to the whole fun factor of this game, which offers a massive living city to explore (the NPCs will ask for a selfie when you’re on the ground).

And web-slinging has never been so intuitive and fun. This game ­delivers that thrill of swinging just above the rooftops of Manhattan’s busy city streets like no other.

The visuals (especially on the PS4 Pro with 4K and HDR) are as ­amazing as Spidey’s powers. Again, the replay value of this game are through the roof because it’s just addictive to get lost swinging through and around the skyscrapers of the city.

End game

Like Insomniac’s excellent Ratchet & Clank games, the only way to play this new take on Spider-Man is on PS4.

And this amazing take on the web-crawler is worth buying a PS4 to play, if you don’t already own one. There’s even a custom Spider-Man console available, for the die hard fans. But this game is that good.

Whether your skill level is Friendly, Amazing or Spectacular, this game serves up an open world adventure that allows you to ­customise Spidey as you see fit for one of the best games of the year. – Shacknews/Tribune News Service

Marvel’s Spider-Man
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