Maxis Zerolution 360: Why buy when you can lease a phone

(From left) Arjun with Maxis device marketing head Chan Peng Li at the launch of Zerolution360. — Maxis

(From left) Arjun with Maxis device marketing head Chan Peng Li at the launch of Zerolution360. — Maxis

Want to do away with phone ownership and the worries that come with it? You can with the Maxis Zerolution 360 phone membership programme.

The Zerolution 360, which comes with a two year contract, allows MaxisOne customers to lease a phone.

The monthly instalment, on top of the charges for the MaxisOne plan, is based on the phone chosen.

Currently Maxis is offering flagship smartphones, including the just-announced Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB (RM99), Galaxy S9 64GB (RM89), Galaxy S9+ 128GB (RM145), Huawei P20 128GB (RM86) and Huawei P20 Pro (RM116).

The programme covers accidental damage and attended theft – where, for example, the phone is stolen in the user’s presences like snatch theft or a mugging.

“It goes without saying that mobile phones have become our lifeline; an essential tool that connects us to work or for personal matters. So, to lose access to our devices under any circumstance is not an option,” says Maxis postpaid head Arjun Varma.

Maxis says customers will also enjoy one-for-one replacement for lost or damaged devices.

The are two Zerolution 360 options – Basic and Premium. With the Premium package, which will cost an additional RM10 a month, customers will enjoy faster repair times, a back-up loan phone during the repair, and a one-time free screen replacement.

Customers will also get to upgrade to a new phone at the end of the two years but will have to sign up for a fresh contract. If you want to upgrade before the two years are up, you will have to pay a fee, which drops every quarter after the first year.

Also, the current phone must be returned for the trade, and will be refurbished and reused as part of Maxis’ recycling and sustainability goals.

The programme is open for new and existing Maxis customers, though Maxis will subject you to a credit check first.

Customers can sign up for Zerolution360 at Maxis Centres or Maxis Exclusive Partner store nationwide, or find out more via Maxis website