TM offers up to 10x free speed upgrade for Unifi, pushes top speed to 800Mbps

Bazlan (left) and Imri said the rollout will take time, as it has over 800,000 Unifi Home subscribers. — KAMARUL ARIFFIN/The Star

Bazlan (left) and Imri said the rollout will take time, as it has over 800,000 Unifi Home subscribers. — KAMARUL ARIFFIN/The Star

Starting Aug 15, the broadband speed for existing Unifi Home customers will be upgraded in phases by up to 10x at no extra cost to the users by Telekom Malaysia Bhd.

Unifi Home 20Mbps (megabits per second) or lower subscribers will be upgraded to 100Mbps, 30Mbps plan to 300Mbps, 50Mbps plan to 500Mbps, and 100Mbps to 800Mbps.

“I’m sure some of you are wondering why we are only offering 800Mbps and not 1Gbps. Please be patient as that would require further investment on our networks, but we are preparing for that,” said Unifi executive vice-president Imri Mokhtar. 

“The upgrade for our current customers will happen in phases starting this August and may go well into the first quarter of 2019. It’s a long process because we have more than 800,000 current subscribers to upgrade,” said Imri.

Those who subscribe to an existing Unifi Home plan by the end of the year will also enjoy the free upgrade but only starting from 2019.

TM acting group CEO Datuk Bazlan Osman also introduced the new Unifi Basic plan that is exclusive for households with an income of RM4,500 or less.

Priced at RM79 a month, the 30Mbps broadband-only plan comes with a data cap of 60GB per month.

“This offers only high speed Internet without voice or TV benefits. However, if the subscribers  want the extra features, they can always add on to the plan,” said Bazlan.

There will be a verification process to determine if a household is eligible for the Unifi Basic plan, he added.

“Customer verification isn’t something new to us. We previously had a plan in 2010/11 that catered to low-income households, as well as university students. Verifying users is a business operation that we are already familiar with,” said Imri.

Unifi Basic is available exclusively online at starting Aug 15. Pre-orders for this plan starts on July 15.

Imri also revealed that about 340,000 Streamyx customers located in areas with coverage will be upgraded to Unifi.

Streamyx users will need to check if they’re eligible for the upgrade on They will then be contacted by Unifi to proceed with the necessary process.

“For Streamyx users who are currently not in a Unifi area, we are committed to bring them high speed broadband,” said Imri.

TM is also reintroducing the unlimited Unifi Mobile postpaid plan that gives unlimited data, SMS and calls for RM99 a month and without contract. This is only available from July 15 exclusive for its existing Unifi and Streamyx broadband customers.

“These plans reflect our commitment to bring faster Internet at an affordable price and with a wider coverage for all Malaysians to enjoy,” said Bazlan.

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