Gmail to introduce self-destructing e-mails

Google will announce more changes to Gmail in the coming weeks. — Reuters

Google will announce more changes to Gmail in the coming weeks. — Reuters

Google is revamping Gmail and there are reportedly a few new exciting features making their way to the users.

So far, Tech Crunch shares that the new Gmail will introduce a self-destructing e-mail feature called Confidential Mode.

The article says that users can choose when they want the e-mail to disappear – after a few days, a week, a month, a few years and so on.

Once the e-mail expires, the recipients will not be able to read the messages. Users can also ask for the recipients to confirm their identity by using one-time passcodes sent via text message to gain access to the e-mail.

When an e-mail is sent using the Confidential Mode, the recipients will not be able to forward, copy, download or print the e-mail. However, that still cannot stop the users from taking a screenshot or even a picture of the said content.

Besides this new feature, Gmail will also reportedly introduce Snooze, where users can tag an e-mail with a time stamp, and the e-mail temporarily disappears from the Inbox. It will re-appear automatically at the specified time on the top of the inbox.

This a great feature for those who are unable to read or reply an e-mail immediately and want to do so at a time convenient for them.

On top of that, the Gmail will also have the Smart Reply, which is already available on most smartphones. The Smart Reply feature shows three suggested responses based on the e-mail that the user receives.

It is said that Google uses machine learning to tune Smart Reply's suggestion according to the users' writing style, so the more they use it, the more accurate it gets. Google will announce more changes in the coming weeks.