Spotify lets music nerds make edits to song info

Got an encyclopaedic knowledge of music? Pitch in to fix Spotify's meta data with the Line-In tool. — Spotify

Got an encyclopaedic knowledge of music? Pitch in to fix Spotify's meta data with the Line-In tool. — Spotify

Think you know more about music than Spotify does? Now you can edit song meta-data on the service, using the Line-In tool.

In a post on their newspage, Spotify announced the new feature that allowed users to suggest additions to the information the company had about music in their catalogue.

"We’re excited to announce the launch of Line-In, a new tool that allows our most trusted fans and music lovers to suggest additions to the information we have about music on Spotify. 

"By experimenting with this tool, we hope to better understand how Spotify listeners interpret music, so that we can improve experiences for both listeners and artists," they said.

Some of the data categories listeners could make suggestions for include: explicitness, genre, aliases, languages, mood, tags, artiste roles, and external URLs. Instead of adding info, users could also affirm existing data.

Though meant as a crowdsourced project, Spotify said it was not meant as a wiki, rather meant to refine Spotify's suggestions by providing more nuanced data points.

"Use your musical prowess to do good! By suggesting edits to our information about artists, albums, and songs, you'll help artists connect with more fans, and help other people discover new music by fuelling our personalisation engines. More selfishly speaking, you can also peruse Line-In to find new and interesting info about the music you love – stuff that's not available in our app," they said.

The feature was accessible to desktop Spotify users by clicking the three dots next to an Artiste, Album, or Song and selecting "Suggest an Edit".

Spotify said it may add more features like the ability to add artiste, album, or song. 

In the FAQ for Line-In, they said it was their content partners' responsibility to correct messy information, so their only recourse was to send the issue up the chain and ask the label or artiste to resend the metadata. 

"Please be patient while we build a nice interface to gather this kind of feedback and get it to the right people," they said. 

The Line-In tool builds on Spotify's songwriter credits feature introduced in February, which lets users view songwriter and producer credits for tracks on the desktop platform. 

Combined with the new tool, users could now suggest which artistes had a primary role in the creation of songs.

Cue the arguments between obsessive Beatles fans.