Final Fantasy continues franchise exploration with Everybody's Golf

The Chocobos and Moogles of Final Fantasy are coming to Everybody's Golf. — AFP Relaxnews

The Chocobos and Moogles of Final Fantasy are coming to Everybody's Golf. — AFP Relaxnews

The Final Fantasy franchise is celebrating its 30th anniversary year with a succession of cameos in other games, this time in Everybody's Golf.

Final Fantasy is making its second surprise cameo of 2018 in February, with a yellow-feathered caddy, special tournament, and free themed golf cart coming to PlayStation 4 game Everybody's Golf.

The series turned 30 years old in December 2017, by which time its latest mainline game, Final Fantasy XV, had a Final Fantasy XV: Assassin's Festival in full swing.

That featured costumes and quests for two of the epic adventure's main characters, coinciding with the release of another video game, Assassin's Creed Origins.

Cross-game promotions shouldn't be too surprising, but the unusual aspect here is that the two properties come courtesy of different publishers: Japan's Square Enix owns the Final Fantasy franchise, while French-headquartered Ubisoft is in charge of developing and distributing Assassin's Creed.

The favour was returned on Final Fantasy's December birthday when a short, bespoke quest turned up in Assassin's Creed Origins, rewarding players with a sword and shield from the older franchise, as well as a replacement for the main character's horse – one of the bird-like Chocobo steeds that have been around since Final Fantasy II.

Those Chocobos are now coming to Everybody's Golf from Feb 26 when, for the price of ¥540 (approximately RM19.60), players can use them as replacement golf cards, caddying their clubs and themselves around the game's various courses.

Enhancing their utility, the Chocobos do things that ordinary carts can't – jumping, gliding, and swimming as players steer them here and there.

In addition, there's an Anniversary Collection Moogle, a full-body character costume styled after another frequently occurring Final Fantasy creature, as well as an avatar jacket and cap combo emblazoned with Cactuar designs, another of the series' most iconic characters which looks like a running anthropomorphic cactus.

Those two items are offered as rewards to all participants in a Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary golfing tournament that runs from Feb 26 to March 12.

Finally, the Anniversary Golf Cart carries the Final Fantasy celebration's logo on its front, sides and roof, and will be made available to download for free when the Chocobo caddy goes live.

The tie-in was detailed by Japanese blogs for PlayStation and game developer Clap Hanz, but given the global nature of both Everybody's Golf and Final Fantasy, the promo is expected to turn up internationally in due course.

Released in August 2017, Everybody's Golf is in fact the ninth game in a series that has been released on every PlayStation machine since the original mid-1990s home console.

The franchise as a whole turned 30 in July 2017. — AFP Relaxnews