Customise your mobile plan the way you want it with Yoodo

Nobody knows what type of mobile plans you need – except yourself. With that in mind comes Yoodo, a customisable mobile service that is claimed to offer 1,000 combinations.

Customers can choose their preferred voice, data, messaging and content packages, and even upgrade and downgrade them at any time via the Yoodo app that is available on Android and iOS.

“We are giving people the power to choose what they want with their mobile packages. It caters to the user’s individual needs,” said Yoodo head Farid Yunus.

The customers can go basic and choose a monthly service with only 2GB data for RM20, or 50 minutes of talk time for RM7 or 50 SMSes for RM5.

The cheapest package would be all that combined for RM32, and if users need more, they can always add on to up to 100GB data for RM150, 2,000 minutes of talk time for RM12 or 2,000 SMSes for RM20 a month.

They can even add 5GB every month for Facebook for RM10, 10GB for YouTube for RM20 or 50GB for Instagram for RM10. So the most expensive package on Yoodo would be priced at RM222.

Users won’t be tied to a prepaid scheme or contract but instead can auto renew as they wish.

Yoodo offers self-registration, SIM delivery, “roam-like-home” service and promotions triggered by location or user preference.

Roam-like-home can be activated with only RM10 per day, where you can use your existing data, calls and SMS packages in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Laos, and Brunei. There currently aren’t any roaming capabilities in countries other than the 12 listed but Farid said that more countries will be added to the list very soon.

Customers can order a free SIM via the app or Web – standard delivery is free and available nationwide but will take up to three days while express delivery only takes two hours but costs RM15 and is limited to the Klang Valley.

SIM activation is done via the app and users are required to use their smartphones to scan their IC or passport and take a selfie for facial recognition.

Upon registration, users can pick a new 011 mobile number or port in their existing number at no additional cost.

Yoodo is owned and operated by Celcom Axiata Berhad. For more information, visit