Flexi data and talk time plans with Tapp

Take back control of your telco plan. — Tapp

Take back control of your telco plan. — Tapp

Digital mobile service Tapp allows users to fine tune how much data and talk time they want, and sell back the excess.

The app works by having the users create a pre-paid plan with an adjustable budget of megabytes (Mbs) and minutes, and validity from one to 30 days.

"When your plan expires, all unused data and minutes will be sold back in exchange for tappCredit at 65% of the original price," said Tapp, on its website

Users could also convert data to talk time, and vice versa.

The service, which runs on Digi 4G+ network, says it would be transparent with pricing of talk time and messaging, informing users what the rates are before they make a call or sms. Calls and messaging between Tapp users is free.

Users would also need to use a VPN connection, which can be set up within the app.

To sign up, users would need to download the app, login using their Facebook or Google ID, choose a handphone number, then order a sim card.

Users can only buy plans once they have inserted the sim card.

As part of their launch promotion, Tapp subscribers will be mailed a free sim card plus three months of unlimited data for use in Instagram.

Currently Tapp is Android-only and does not allow mobile hotspots, international roaming or porting. 

Apps including Uber, Snapchat and Netflix were also not useable on Tapp, though the service said the issue was being addressed.

Maxis had last Sept launched a similar service, Ookyo that runs on its 4G+ network and provided a digital pre-paid telco service.