Samsung presents 146in modular MicroLED TV at CES 2018

  • Tech News
  • Wednesday, 10 Jan 2018

Samsung's "The Wall" is a giant 146in TV. — Samsung

Samsung's "The Wall" is a giant 146in TV. — Samsung

Samsung has unveiled a 146in TV called "The Wall," an unmissable sight on the firm's stand at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. As well as its spectacular size, the TV debuts a new technology and is modular in design. 

Samsung's "The Wall" TV uses a screen technology called MicroLED, which could one day compete with OLED – a technology dear to LG, Samsung's key competitor in the high-end TV market. These MicroLEDs are smaller than regular LEDs and are self-emitting, with no need for a separate backlighting system. They also promise increased power efficiency and a longer lifespan. 

The other interesting thing about this TV is its modular design. It is, in fact, made up of a multitude of smaller borderless display modules placed side by side. In the event of a faulty or broken pixel, just one of the smaller panels can be replaced. 

Samsung envisages bringing "The Wall" to market during 2018, with a retail price that's likely to be just as impressive as the TV's size. 

Also at CES, Samsung is showing off a TV with a kind of onboard artificial intelligence that can intelligently upscale any video to 8K resolution, allowing viewers to get the best out of new-gen displays. This QLED TV is expected to go on sale before the end of the year in South Korea and the USA. 

As well as its exceptional TVs, Samsung is presenting its latest-generation smart refrigerators (Family Hub) in Las Vegas. Expected to sell from spring 2018, the new range benefits from improvements to Samsung's Bixby voice-activated assistant, improving communication and control for all components of the connected home. — AFP Relaxnews