Eight things you should know about Breath of the Wild

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  • Wednesday, 15 Mar 2017

Open world: Follow these tips to make exploring more enjoyable in Breath Of The Wild.

We’ve gone through more than 10 hours playing Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and while we’re enjoying ourselves discovering new things to do in the game, the game’s lack of handholding also means that you’re left pretty much on your own to discover all the nuances.

However, while it is fun to discover things for yourself, we’ve also found a few important tips that you might find useful to help progress in the game with as little frustration as possible.

Sneak up behind horses or other wild animals and jump on them to ride them.

Horses can be tamed

If you want to travel faster in the game, you can just tame a horse and ride it. To tame a horse, just sneak up behind one and when you're near enough, press the A button to get on.

Not all horses are the same – horses with two colours are easier to tame but have less stamina and speed, while horses of a single colour are harder to tame but have more stamina and speed. 

You can store them at stables for a one time fee. 

Interestingly you can actually jump on and ride all kinds of wild animals in the game, even bears, rams and deer!

Look for this guy if you want to increase storage space in your inventory.

Expand your inventory space

At the entrance to Kakariko Village, meet a Korok named Hestu which will help you expand the storage space for your inventory in exchange for Korok seeds which you collect when you find other Koroks in the wild.

Before you are able to do that, though, you need to complete a mini quest to look for Hestu's maracas.

Cooking food is an important part of the game

Cooking food provides you with health-restoring dishes and elixirs if done right. 

Just find one of the many cooking areas at villages throughout the game and drop in up to five ingredients to make something. 

The game is quite forgiving of what you put in as long as the ingredients don't clash. 

Tip: Shoot deer and collect raw prime meat then cook it to make meat skewers – these fetch a LOT of in-game currency if you sell them. Use the money to buy armour and ammo.

Jump a little further when your stamina is down

You can climb almost anything in Breath of the Wild, but every time you do, a stamina bar runs down 

Here's a tip – if you're hanging on to the edge of a cliff and your  stamina bar is down to red, you can press X to do a leap that is twice the distance of a normal leap when your stamina bar is green.

This might be useful if you're almost there but you need that extra boost to reach the top.

Swim faster

You can swim faster if you strip down to your underpants. 

One of the things the game doesn't tell you is that your swimming speed is significantly slower if you're wearing armour or heavy clothes. 

Later on you can obtain the Zora Armour to actually speed up your swimming but until then, this is a good tip to know, since many puzzle shrines are located on little islands.

Talk to wandering merchants when its raining 

Merchants will bring out more valuable items when you deal with them during a rainstorm in Breath of the Wild.

How to use Amiibos

The game doesn't explain how to use your Amiibo NFC-enabled figurines, even though the support is built into the game and the Nintendo Switch 

How you do it is to press the up button on the left direction button pad and then selecting the Amiibo function on your special weapons menu. 

Next, hold down the L shoulder button (making sure you're in a clear flat area like a field in the game) and while still holding down the L button, tap an Amiibo on the top of the right joystick and you'll get a bunch of special items depending on the Amiibo you use. 

If it's a Zelda-related Amiibo, you'll get special items based on the game the Amiibo is from.

Climb Sheikah Towers to unlock the map

In older Zelda games, you could purchase or obtain maps of various regions in the game, or simply have them unlocked when you explore the area. 

However, in Breath of the Wild, you need to look for and climb to the top of the Sheikah Towers in every region and sync your Sheikah slate to unlock the map of the region.

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