Speed titles at PlayStation event: 'Driveclub Bikes,' 'Gran Turismo Sport,' and more

For speed demons: 'Driveclub Bikes' adds two-wheeled hooning to the PS4 title's list of attractions. — Evolution/Sony PlayStation

For speed demons: 'Driveclub Bikes' adds two-wheeled hooning to the PS4 title's list of attractions. — Evolution/Sony PlayStation

Four titles shown during Paris Games Week's PlayStation Live Show offer different ways to experience a sense of speed: Driveclub Bikes, Gran Turismo Sport, Gravity Rush 2 and Avicii's Vector

Driveclub Bikes
Built on the hugely improved and now well-appreciated PS4 racing game Driveclub, this two-wheeled spinoff was announced and made immediately available as a €15 PlayStation Store download. 

Twelve real-world superbikes accompany a new game mode, new challenges, and new events, while players can customise bikes and leathers in accordance with their own tastes or riding crew colour schemes. 


A virtual reality prototype of Driveclub was also brought to Paris Games Week, re-engineered for a PlayStation VR headset; the game's studio is eager to continue development should the concept be greeted enthusiastically.  

Gran Turismo Sport
It's not the Gran Turismo 7 that some had expected, but a glossy taster of things to come. 

Polyphony Digital's CEO Kazunori Yamauchi flew in to announce Gran Turismo Sport on stage in Paris, a game that is to enjoy the first fruits of a partnership with motorsport's governing body, the FIA. 


That translates into two FIA-sanctioned online championships, the Nations Cup and Manufacturers Cup; a PlayStation 4 beta is expected to arrive in the Northern Spring of 2016. 

Gravity Rush 2
Moving away from motor racing, Gravity Rush 2 offers a different route to achieving that sense of speed. 

Players can fiddle with the fundamental laws of physics in order to propel heroine Kat around each beautifully rendered level, leaping and flying around a floating city and defeating the strange monsters that have appeared within it. 


Its predecessor was received as one of the better launch window titles for PlayStation Vita back in 2012, and is set to make a comeback on PlayStation 4 with February 2016's Gravity Rush Remastered

Finally, Swedish EDM and house music artist Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, announced a new video game project he's involved in. 

The single-player and multiplayer music game has the appearance of a futuristic racer, not too dissimilar in concept from PlayStation classic Wipeout


But under the surface it looks like it'll have more in common with beat-matching games like Rock Band Blitz, Amplitude and Audiosurf 2, as players time their rocket ship's moves to coincide with key moments in each course's soundtrack. — AFP Relaxnews