‘Far Cry 5’ drops vignettes, trailer, short film

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  • Thursday, 8 Mar 2018

The messianic aspirations of a cult leader are explored and opposed in 'Far Cry 5'. — Ubisoft

The messianic aspirations of a cult leader are explored and opposed in 'Far Cry 5'. — Ubisoft

March 27 action game Far Cry 5 is preparing observers for the franchise's latest roster of twisted criminals and gun-toting mayhem with a half dozen new video previews. 

Sending players in to take down a dangerous separatist cult with culling on its mind, Far Cry 5 is the latest entry to Ubisoft's off-kilter action franchise. 

Where tropical Far Cry 3 revolved around its unhinged ringleader Vaas and Far Cry 4 had sharply-dressed Himalayan regent Pagan Min as its antagonist, Far Cry 5 touches down in rural Montana, USA, where doomsday preacher Joseph Seed controls the separatist community of Eden's Gate. 

He's spearheaded much of Ubisoft's promotion to date but a new collection of vignettes widen their scope to include not just "The Father," Joseph, but his three siblings: John, Jacob, and Faith. 





In addition, a gameplay trailer provides the opportunity to get to know some of the features and friendlier characters that populate the region of Hope County. 


All have their own motivations and specific skillsets that can help players in their mission against Eden's Gate – sidekick Hurk even returns from the previous two games, and AI companions can also be brought into the Far Cry 5 co-operative modes. 

A "Bill of Rights" trailer continues that focus on gameplay, advising players they will have the Right to Arm Bears (the Right to Bear Arms already a given), tear away in muscle cars, and blow things up, alongside other attractions. 

And a 30-minute short film called "Far Cry 5: Inside Eden's Gate" debuted on Amazon Prime, giving wider context to an earlier live-action trailer called "The Baptism," and according to its own promo following a small team of video bloggers investigating the dangerous cult. 

Far Cry 5 releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC at the end of the month. — AFP Relaxnews