Pokemon Go finally reveals in-game friendships, trading

Pokémon Go will celebrate its second birthday on July 6, which means it’s been almost two years since that groundbreaking augmented-reality adventure game took over the world, and summoned millions of people to their local parks and playgrounds to catch Pidgeys and take over gyms.

Finally, one of the crucial fantasies of the Pokémon universe – trading – will be coming to your smartphone. — Niantic

E3 2018 expo highlights virtual reality’s never-ending challenge: to get real

When Elizabeth Ching took off her headset, she was panting. She had just finished playing a new virtual reality boxing game called Creed: Rise to Glory at E3, the nation's biggest videogame convention, and she'd knocked her computer opponent out cold.

E3 2018: Fortnite frenzy reigns at gaming expo

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) wrapped up in Los Angeles on June 14 with the videogame Fortnite knocking out other contenders to emerge as the star of a show which highlighted the surging interest in competitive eSports.

E3 2018: Nintendo and Ubisoft extend E3 partnership

A Donkey Kong expansion for the critically and commercially successful Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and a Fox McCloud cameo in Starlink: Battle for Atlas show Nintendo and Ubisoft continuing an atypical relationship.

'Starlink' will feature Fox McCloud and his ship as a character and collectible figurine. — Ubisoft

E3 2018: Nintendo’s five biggest announcements

Nintendo held its E3 press conference on June 12 at 9am PT. While the company spent most of the Nintendo Direct briefing showing off its new Super Smash Bros. title, as expected, there were still a few surprises.

E3 2018: West Virginia gets post-apocalyptic makeover in Fallout 76 videogame

West Virginia's influence on the pop culture landscape spans multiple genres. The Mountain State has been written about in songs, served as the setting for feature films and played host to reality television shows.

Players can expect to encounter Mothman, the Flatwoods Monster, the Beast of Grafton and more as they venture across the virtual hills and valleys. — AFP Relaxnews

E3 2018: Deadly battles continue to power hit videogames

Bandits, soldiers, demons, zombies, aliens and other enemies will be shot, stabbed, bludgeoned, incinerated, or even blown up on the show floor of the Electronic Entertainment Expo opening in Los Angeles on June 12.

E3 2018: Sony’s six biggest announcements

Sony’s E3 2018 Showcase ran deep rather than wide, with in-depth looks at a few highly anticipated games and only a small dose of surprises.

E3 2018: Ubisoft sees blockbusters shaped by fans and stars

French videogame giant Ubisoft is teaming up with a firm founded by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt to crowd source material for a forthcoming title, the companies announced Monday on the eve of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

E3 2018: Booming world of play revs videogame extravaganza

Pulse-pounding new videogames and more ways to enjoy them are at the centre of the Electronic Entertainment Expo extravaganza officially kicking off in Los Angeles on June 12.

New games are introduced to the audience at the Xbox 2018 E3 briefing in Los Angeles, California. — AFP