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Monday February 28, 2011

Bathed in history

JASIN: Merlimau, the state seat to be contested here in Malacca on March 6 has a fascinating story behind its name.

It is also a name that would have some bearing on the outlook for Barisan Nasional in the 13th general election.

Located in the district of Jasin, some 30km from the city, Merlimau’s history dates back to the Malacca’s 14th century Sultanate.

New mosque Ays-Syuja'ah at Bandar Merlimau.

Its name was said to be originated from those seeking the legendary princess of Gunung Ledang located just across the border in Mura, Johor.

Legend has it that those who climb Gunung Ledang were required to spend several days meditating here and to mandi limau (a traditional floral lime bath to cleanse one’s spiritual self) before ascending to the mountain.

Hence, the name, Merlimau was observed.

As an evidence to its colorful history, the grave of a famous 15th century Malay woman warrior Tun Teja was found here.

There was also a well which was dug by the Portuguese during the 16th century that became the source of water for the Merlimau residents.

Another well-preserved landmark here is the home of Penghulu Md Nattar, a village headman who served the people here in the early 1900s.