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Saturday May 16, 2009

Hanoi offers to help in criminal probes involving Vietnamese

HANOI: Vietnamese police are willing to help their Malaysian counterparts investigate crimes involving their nationals in Malaysia.

Vietnam’s police chief Pham Quy Ngo wants Malaysian police to provide them with information on suspected Vietnamese criminals operating in Malaysia.

“We know there are about 100,000 Viet­namese working in Malaysia and if the Malaysian police need our assis­tance to do background checks we will be willing to assist.

“We are also willing to conduct joint investigations if the case is com­plicated,” he said during a meeting with Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan here yesterday.

Musa is here to attend the 29th Asean Chiefs of Police Conference.

Pham said he was concerned about the rising number of crimes being committed by Vietnamese workers in Malaysia.

The latest incident saw several Viet­namese killed during a shootout with police in Penang shortly after a robbery.

Musa said Vietnamese nationals were involved in more than 200 cases last year, including murder, rape and gang robbery.

He, however, stressed that none of them were members of organised crime or members of any known syn­dicate.

“Crimes committed by Vietnamese in Malaysia very seldom involve other nationals as victims.

“Most cases investigated by us re­­veal they fight among themselves and it ends in the murder of one or several of them,” he added.

Musa welcomed Pham’s offer to assist in investigations and said the two police forces could start by sharing intelligence on drug syndicates as well as other cross-border crimes.