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Thursday August 16, 2007

Chong Wei cruises to the third round

NATIONAL number one Lee Chong Wei marched into the third round of the World Championships in impressive style while an ill Mohd Hafiz Hashim also made it despite a scrappy performances at the Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil yesterday. 

The second seeded Chong Wei blew away Holland's Eric Pang 21-7, 21-11 in less than 30 minutes to set up a match against Indonesian Sony Dwi Kuncoro. 

But Chong Wei was not at all satisfied with his performance. 

Lee Chong Wei returns the shuttercock to Netherlands' Eric Pang in the men's singles at the second round of the Malaysian World Badminton Championships at the Putra Stadium in Kuala Lumpur.
“This is my first match and my movement was not as fast as I wanted it to be. I picked up pace in the second game and I was happy that I made few mistakes. It was not a tough match and I am not tested yet,” he said. 

And he is bracing himself for a challenging match against three-time Asian champion Sony. 

“I have to be cautious against him. He is one of the top players but I am all fired up to give my best,” said Chong Wei. 

In four previous encounters, Chong Wei beat Sony twice and received a walkover at the Philippines Open last month after the Indonesian came down with a back injury. 

Hafiz's performance yesterday raised a big question mark. The 25-year-old, who was seen vomiting during the warm-up session, had to struggle for a 21-19, 14-21, 21-11 win over unheralded Scott Evans of Ireland. 

He was sluggish and his game was littered with unforced errors, which occasionally drew nasty remarks from the crowd that grew from 3,000 to about 5,000 for the evening session's play. 

Hafiz will take on giant-killer Anup Sridhar, who eliminated Indonesian star Taufik Hidayat. And he certainly has to raise his game to a higher level against the Indian. 

After his match against Evans, Hafiz was immediately led into the medical room and coach Misbun Sidek refused to comment on his condition. 

“The most important thing is he won the match. I know that he played scrappily and was inconsistent. You know him, he is unpredictable,” said Misbun. 

“Let him rest now and he will be ready tomorrow. It will be very difficult for Hafiz to challenge Anup. The Indian will be in a very confident mood after his big win today. But I know Hafiz is determined to do well.” 

KLRC Bhd's Lee Tsuen Seng produced one of his best game in recent times but it was just not good enough against World Championships runner-up Bao Chunlai of China. He went down fighting 21-14, 18-21, 21-18 in a 61-minute second round battle. 

Denmark's Peter Gade-Christensen and Kenneth Jonassen stormed into the third round with convincing straight-game wins. 

Gade-Christensen will take on Indonesian Simon Santoso today while Jonassen will play against Przemyslaw Wacha of Poland for a place in the quarter-finals. 

In the women's singles, Wong Mew Choo is the sole survivor after Julia Wong crashed out 21-16, 14-21, 18-21 to Indonesian Maria Yulianti in the second round yesterday. 

The national number one Mew Choo beat Russian Ekaterina Ananina 21-14, 22-20 and will take on defending champion Xie Xingfang of China today. 

Going all out: Wong Mew Choo lunges to return a shot in her 21-14, 22-20 win over Russian Ekaterina Ananina yesterday.

> Third round  

  • TV COURT (starting from 12noon) 

    First match: Chin Eei Hui-Wong Pei Tty vs Miyuki Maeda-Satoko Suetsuna (Jpn) 

    Fifth match: Choong Tan Fook-Lee Wan Wah vs Simon Mollyhus-Anders Kristiansen (Den) 

    l TV COURT (starting from 6pm) 

    First match: Lee Chong Wei vs Sony Dwi Kuncoro (Ina) 

    Second match: Wong Mew Choo vs Xie Xingfang (Chn) 

    Third match: Mohd Hafiz Hashim vs Anup Sridhar (Ind) 

    Fourth match: Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong vs Michal Logosz-Robert Mateusiak (Pol) 


    9pm: Chan Peng Soon-Haw Chiou Hwee vs Zheng Bo-Gao Ling (Chn) 



    n Men’s singles 

    Park Sung-hwan (Kor) bt Andrew Dabeka (Can) 21-16, 21-5; Lee Hyun-il (Kor) bt Shoji Sato (Jpn) 21-19, 21-15; Simon Santoso (Ina) bt Pablo Abian (Spa) 21-18, 21-15; Kenneth Jonassen (Den) bt Nicholas Kidd (Eng) 21-14, 21-17; Chen Yu (Chn) bt Bjoern Joppien (Ger) 21-15, 21-7; Przemyslaw Wacha (Pol) bt Simon Maunory (Fra) 21-18, 21-10; Ronald Susilo (Sin) bt Richard Vaughan (Wal) 21-17, 21-17; Anup Sridhar (Ind) bt Taufik Hidayat (Ina) 21-14, 24-26, 22-20; Sony Dwi Kuncoro (Ina) bt Yousuke Nakanishi (Jpn) 21-15, 21-16; Peter-Gade Christensen (Den) bt Chan Yan Kit (Hkg) 21-18, 25-23; Mohd Hafiz Hashim (Mas) bt Scott Evans (Irl) 21-19, 14-21, 21-11; Lee Chong Wei (Mas) bt Eric Pang (Hol) 21-7, 21-11.  

    n Men's doubles 

    Choong Tan Fook-Lee Wan Wah (Mas) w.o. Frederic Mawet-Wouter Claes (Bel); Lee Jae-jin-Hwang Ji-man (Kor) bt David Lindley-Chris Landridge (Eng) 21-10, 21-18; Hendra Gunawan-Joko Riyadi (Ina) bt Rupesh Kumar-Thomas Sanave (Ind) 21-13, 21-14; Jens Eriksen-Martin Lundgaard Hansen (Den) bt Roelof Jakobus Dednam-Christoffel Cornelius Dednam (Rsa) 21-12, 21-15; 

    Candra Wijaya-Tony Gunawan (Ina) bt Glenn Warfe-Ross Smith (Aus) 22-20, 21-9; Michal Logosz-Robert Mateusiak (Pol) bt Robert Blair-Anthony Clark (Eng) 21-16, 21-16; Tadashi Ohtsuka-Keita Masuda (Jpn) bt Howard Bach-Bob Khan Malaythong (Usa) 21-15, 21-13; Lars Paaske-Jonas Rasmussen (Den) bt Vitalij Durken-Alexander Nikolaenko (Rus) 30-29, 21-18; Simon Mollyhus-Anders Kristiansen (Den) bt Albertus Susanto Njoto-Yohan Hadikusumo (Hkg) 20-22, 21-19, 21-17; Fu Haifeng-Cai Yun (Chn) bt Vladimir Metodiev-Stilian Makarski (Bul) 21-12, 21-10; Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong (Mas) bt Roman Spitko-Michael Fuchs (Ger) 21-11, 21-13;  

    Shuichi Sakamoto-Shintaro Ikeda (Jpn) bt Alroy Tanama Putra-Hui Wai Ho (Hkg) 21-14, 22-20; Lee Yong-dae-Jung Jae-sung (Kor) bt Mike Beres-William Milroy (Can) 21-15, 21-8; Markis Kido-Hendra Setiawan (Ina) bt Ales Murn-Miha Horvat (Slo) 21-8, 21-12. 

    n Women's singles 

    Saina Nehwal (Ind) bt Juliane Schenk (Ger) 21-16, 21-10; Petya Nedeltcheva (Bul) bt Eva Lee (Usa) 21-13, 21-11; Pi Hongyan (Fra) bt Charmaine Reid (Can) 21-13, 21-12; Wang Chen (Hkg) bt Li Li (Sin) 21-13, 21-6; Kaori Mori (Jpn) bt Larisa Griga (Ukr) 18-21, 21-14, 21-15; Zhang Ning (Chn) bt Jang Young-soo (Kor) 21-9, 21-14; Xu Huaiwen (Ger) bt Adriyanti Firdasari (Ina) 21-17, 22-20; Ella Karachkova (Rus) bt Yao Jie (Hol) 22-20, 14-21, 21-17; 

    Tracey Hallam (Eng) bt Kamila Augustyn (Pol) 15-21, 21-16, 21-11; Wong Mew Choo (Mas) bt Ekaterina Ananina (Rus) 21-14, 22-20; Xie Xingfang (Chn) bt Ana Moura (Por) 21-2, 21-7; Zhu Lin (Chn) bt Anna Rice (Can) 21-18, 21-13; Tine Rasmussen (Den) bt Claudia Rivero (Per) 21-5, 21-6; Yip Pui Yin (Hkg) bt Rachel Lindley (Nzl) 21-10, rtd; Maria Kristin Yulianti (Ina) bt Julia Wong (Mas) 16-21, 21-14, 21-18; Lu Lan (Chn) bt Judith Meulendijks (Hol) 21-18, 21-13. 

    n Women's doubles 

    Endang Nursugianti-Rani Mundiasti (Ina) bt Carina Mette-Birgit Overzier (Ger) 21-15, 14-21, 21-15; Kumiko Ogura-Reiko Shiota (Jpn) bt Fong Chew Yen-Mooi Hing Yau (Mas) 15-21, 21-13, 21-11; Aki Akao-Tomomi Matsuda (Jpn) bt Suzanne Rayappan-Jenny Wallwork (Eng) 21-14, 9-21, 21-12; Chou Chia-chi-Ku Pei-ting (Tpe) bt Petya Nedeltcheva-Diana Dimova (Bul) 21-6, 21-14; 

    Nicole Grether-Juliane Schenk (Ger) bt Eva Lee-Mesinee Mangkalakiri (Usa) 21-5, 21-8; Zhang Yawen-Wei Yili (Chn) bt Imogen Bankier-Emma Mason (Sco) 21-15, 21-13; Miyuki Maeda-Satoko Suetsuna (Jpn) bt Johanna Persson-Elin Bergblom (Swe) 21-13, 21-16; Lena Frier Kristensen-Kamilla Rytter Juhl (Den) bt Lim Pek Siah-Joanne Quay (Mas) 10-21, 21-13, 21-17;  

    Gao Ling-Huang Sui (Chn) bt Vanessa Yu Yan-Shinta Mulia Sari (Sin) 21-9, 21-17; Yang Wei-Zhang Jiewen (Chn) bt Alexandra Milon-Florentina Petre (Rom) 21-10, 21-4; Laura Choinet-Elisa Chanteur (Fra) bt Du Jing-Yu Yang (Chn) walkover; Li Yujia-Jiang Yanmei (Sin) bt Jo Novita-Greysia Polii (Ina) 18-21, 21-16, 21-15; Wong Pei Tty-Chin Eei Hui (Mas) bt Maya Dobreva-Atanaska Spasova (Bul) 21-9, 21-7. 

    n Mixed doubles 

    Robert Mateusiak-Nadiezda Kostiuczyk (Pol) bt Craig Cooper-Renee Flavell (Nzl) 21-11, 21-13; Xie Xhongbo-Zhang Yawen (Chn) bt Konstantin Dobrev-Maya Dobreva (Bul) 21-9, 21-6; Muhammed Rijal-Greysia Polii (Ina) bt Tan Bin Shen-Ooi Yu Hang (Mas) 21-11, 21-13; Lee Yong-dae-Lee Hyo-jung (Kor) bt Chen Hong-ling-Chia Chi-chou (Tpe) 21-9, 21-4; He Hanbin-Yu Yang (Chn) bt Keita Masuda-Miyuki Maeda (Jpn) 21-17, 21-18; Nova Widianto-Lilyana Natsir (Ina) bt Nicholas Jinadasa-Samantha Jinadasa (Usa) 21-12, 21-11; Chen Xu-Zhao Tingting (Chn) bt Jorrit De Ruiter-Ilse Vaessen (Hol) 21-19, 21-10; Chan Peng Soon-Haw Chiou Hwee (Mas) bt Ingo Kindervater-Katrin Piotrowski (Ger) 14-21, 21-17, 22-20; 

    Anthony Clark-Donna Kellogg (Eng) bt Tan Wee Kiong-Woon Khe Wei (Mas) 21-11, 21-15; Nathan Robertson-Gail Emms (Eng) bt Howard Bach-Eva Lee (Usa) 21-15, 21-13; Zheng Bo-Gao Ling (Chn) bt Alexandr Nikolaenko-Nina Vislova (Rus) 21-15, 21-18; Hendra Wijaya-Jiang Yanmei (Sin) bt Kennevic Asuncion-Kennie Asuncion (Phi) 9-21, 21-10, 21-12; Hendri Kurniawan Saputra-Li Yujia (Sin) bt Svetoslav Stoyanov-Elodie Eymard (Fra) 21-18, 21-9.

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