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Thursday March 1, 2007

Inspired to succeed

Prosperity guru Randy Gage shares the secrets of success. 

WHEN you move from being minimum wage blue-collared worker to multi-millionaire, you are unlikely to have a conventional view of life. That’s especially true of prosperity guru Randy Gage. Dropping out of high school, washing dishes and serving jail-time aren’t usually the kind of “achievements” you would find listed on the resume of a highly successful individual, but it’s precisely these life experiences that Gage, 48, believes allow him to help motivate people. 

Randy Gage: ‘I am one of those people who have made a lot of mistakes and I try to prevent others from making the same mistakes.’
“I guess I am one of those true American success stories,” says Gage speaking over the telephone from Florida. “I am somebody who did not finish high school and didn’t go to college. I started as a dishwasher and was able to become a multi-millionaire through a journey of self-development and personal growth.”  

Gage made his first million when he was just 35 and became a multi-millionaire a year later. Since then the author of six books, including 101 Keys to Prosperity and Accept Your Abundance! Why You Are Supposed to be Wealthy, has been training individuals on how to be successful with money and in business. The fact that he has been through difficult times gives him an edge in understanding the traps that others fall into, and it is these experiences that he draws upon when conducting training or writing books. 

“I look at my own life and the mistakes I have made,” he says. “I am one of those people who have made a lot of mistakes and I try to prevent others from making the same mistakes. I have been through a lot of challenges. Experiences in life give me inspiration. 

His life had been a difficult one. At 15, he wound up in jail. He was expelled from high school and experimented with drugs. But he describes his life as an adult as being particularly challenging. At 30 his second attempt to open a restaurant failed and he was left broke and massively in debt. He sold everything he had and borrowed money to survive. It was at this point that Gage had an epiphany. After much soul searching, he realised that change was necessary. He thus began a study on prosperity, looking at teachings from thousands of years ago. 

“I had to change myself and I had to become more open at looking at new things since what I was doing was not working and I could no longer live that way.” 

A common pitfall, he says, is that most people are constrained by what he calls limited thinking.  

“People believe that the wealthy are a different breed,” he says. 

Gage’s intention is to break down those beliefs and replace them with positive perceptions. 

“It’s about getting their head right.” 

In his latest book, Why You’re Dumb, Sick and Broke, Gage encourages readers to change their perception and question their core beliefs about our social institutions.“I teach people to become critical thinkers and to look at governments or their beliefs or the kind of people they are hanging around with. If you have an open mind, you can evaluate these people and if the beliefs don’t serve you, you can replace them.” 

Getting people to see things his way, however, is sometimes a frustrating process. Most people cling on to the belief that the only way to be successful is to work for a major corporation – a perception that he tries to dispel. For the most part, however, he finds his work rewarding.  

Gage will be in Selangor on March 6, courtesy of multi-level marketing company Agel. 

“When someone learns new skills and does things correctly, I feel that I have done my job and I am very proud,” he says. “Any mentor or coach faces a certain degree of frustration but when there’s so much payoff, I’m delighted with the results.” 

How does Gage define success?  

Success is when you have work that brings meaning to you, are free from financial stress and have good health, good relationships and a strong spiritual connection, he says. All of which he has achieved. 

  • Randy Gage will be speaking at the Agel Grand Slam: A Date with Diamonds on March 6 from 8pm to 10.30pm at the Kristal Ballroom, PJ Hilton. For more information, please call 012 235 8949 / 012 656 3535 / 012 219 1235.