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Monday February 26, 2007

Here’s Fara

YOU'VE probably seen her “craziness” in front of the camera on TV3's Melodi. You've also probably heard her chirpy voice on air on Hot FM AM Crew. Now, for the next several weeks get an extra dose of radio deejay/TV host/actress Fara Fauzana's crazy antics in a sitcom entitled Fara on TV3.  

The show revolves around Fara who works as a deejay at a newly-set up radio station. Her daily routine includes providing information to listeners as well as spinning their favourite tunes. Despite Fara’s outgoing character she faces problems in finding true love. Many of her male friends are attracted to her outspokenness, while some attempt to take advantage of her. The only male friend whom she can truly rely on is Jimmy. 

The cast of Fara (at the back, from left) Puspa Narayan, Yanie of Mentor and Danny XFactor. Jason Chong (foreground, left) and Fara Fauzana in the new sitcom on TV3.
The 13-episode comedy sitcom is produced by Ace Motion Pictures and is the brainchild of renowned director, Aziz M Osman. 

Apart from Fara, the sitcom also stars Puspa Narayan as Mahendra, Fara’s kind-hearted employer, while Jimmy is played by Jason Chong, a friend whom Fara turns to in times of need and despair.  

The show also features one of the protégés from Mentor (Season One), Yanie, who acts as Wanda, an ignorant and clueless writer and journalist at the station. Danny (X-Factor) plays the part of Nordin, a radio deejay, who is initially threatened by Fara’s presence at the station.  


  • Fara airs every Tuesday at 10pm on TV3. 

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