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Wednesday February 14, 2007

35 Putra UMNO members begin parachute training

SEGAMAT: A team of 35 Putra Umno members have began their parachuting training exercises at the Segamat Country Club here for the wing's North Pole expedition in April. 

The group, selected from some 135 Putra members who applied to join the expedition, will undergo four-days of basic mental and physical trainings to prepare them for the expedition. 

Putra Umno chief Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim said out of the 35 Putra members, only 10 would be picked for the expedition where they would parachute from a plane to the North Pole. 

"The group of young parachutists will be given all the necessary training skills related with parachuting before they leave for the expedition on April 4 this year. 

"They are expected to make the jump from a plane from a height of more than 1,000m to land at the North Pole either on April 19 or April 20," he told reporters after launching the group's parachuting training programme here on Wednesday. 

Abdul Azeez said the young parachutists, aged between 18 and 27, would first learn to develop self-disciplines and physical strength to enable them to become parachutists. 

He said the group would be under the guidance of the Malaysians Sports Aviation Federation vice-president Datuk Abdul Rahim Dahlan who was also an avid parachutist.