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Monday April 17, 2006

No more Senario movies for Aziz

This year’s Senario dalam Pemburu Emas Yamashita, the fifth in the series, will be his last. 

Senario has got a winning formula and it is a very safe route to take. I want to venture into new things because there’s no magic anymore in making a film that’s a guarantee,” he said. 

Aziz: ‘There’s no magic anymore in making a film that’s a guarantee’
Aziz previously directed Senario the Movie (1999), Senario Lagi (2000), Lagi Lagi Senario (2001) and Senario XX (2005). 

The only Senario film he did not direct was Lang Buana (directed by Mamat Khalid in 2003).  

All the Senario movies surpassed the million ringgit mark.  

Lagi Lagi Senario raked in a whopping RM6.3mil. 

Aziz said he was not keen to do another comedy at the moment.  

“I want to try every genre and so far I have tried everything except musicals.” 

Not surprisingly, the man, who has been in the entertainment industry since he was a child, has his eye on a remake of the 1984 huge hit, Azura, which starred Jamal Abdillah and Fauziah (Ogy) Ahmad Daud.  

Senario dalam Pemburu Emas Yamashita revolves around three different characters (Mazlan Senario, Wahid Senario and Azlee Senario) who ended up in the same counselling group.  

“There have been stories about General Yamashita’s vast treasure which some believe is buried in Manila. My theory (for the purpose of the film) is he buried some here in our jungle,” Aziz said.  

The three Senario boys got entangled in the treasure hunt.  

The film is scheduled to open nationwide on May 18. 

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