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Monday April 10, 2006

Waiting to see Monica


KLUANG: Grandparents Pang Hong Cheng, 90, and Yap Shit Moy, 86, have to wait a little longer to see their celebrity granddaughter Monica Pang, the reigning Miss Georgia. 

The couple last saw Monica more than 10 years ago during their visit to the United States and were excited and anxious to meet her when they heard she was in town. 

Monica (front row centre) with her grandparents, mother and siblings
Monica, who is also the first runner-up in the recent Miss America beauty pageant, had flown to Malaysia for a three-day visit recently at the invitation of Absolute Entertainment to make a maiden foray into the regional entertainment scene. 

She could not visit her grandparents due to her tight schedule. 

Yap said her son, Peter, had called to inform them that Monica would not be able to see them and promised to visit with her in June. 

“I was hoping to see her but I understand she was busy, especially since winning the pageant,” Yap said, adding that she was happy when told that Monica made time to meet her aunt. 

“Both of them went to Petaling Street to do some shopping,” she said in an interview.  

Yap said she and her husband did not go to Kuala Lumpur to meet their granddaughter because of their age, adding that Pang was discharged recently from hospital after being admitted for two days for cough. 

“All these years, my husband and I have been following Monica’s life through photographs my son brings along when he visits us,” Yap said.  

She said Peter was an avid photographer and would snap a lot of photographs during his visits to Malaysia to take home and show to his three children Darren, 30, Kevin, 27 and Monica, 25. 

“Peter is a talented person and first went to the United States when he was 20 during a foreign exchange programme,” Yap recalled, adding that he fell in love and settled down there. 

Yap explained that Peter insisted on both of them moving in with him but they were unable to adapt to the environment in the United States. 

“The weather there is sometimes too cold for us and we found it quite lonely there,” Yap said, adding that their longest trip lasted about a year. 

On Monica’s interest in joining beauty pageants since the age of 15, she said Peter kept them informed about the pageants she took part in. 

Asked how she planned to converse with her granddaughter when she could only speak the Hakka dialect and a bit of Bahasa Malaysia while Pang only conversed in English, Yap said: “I just want to hug my granddaughter and get someone to translate for me.”