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Thursday November 2, 2006

Building plans yet to be submitted

KLANG: Where are the plans? It has been days since the scandal of Klang municipal councillors building palatial homes without submitting building plans to the council, yet until yesterday, none of the councillors or their architects had submitted plans. 

Two of the councillors have put the blame for the non-submission of building plans squarely on their architects. 

Abdul Bakir: ‘If problems crop up, we go after the house owner, not the architect’
Klang Municipal Council (MPK) president Abdul Bakir Zin said that up to yesterday, none of the three councillors or their architects’ representatives had submitted their building plans. 

He said the stop-work orders for the three bungalows therefore remained in force. 

Abdul Bakir said councillors who blamed their architects for not getting approval for their building plans were setting an unhealthy precedent for members of the public to follow.  

“The onus is on the owner to make sure the building plans are submitted. If problems crop up, we go after the house owner, not the architect,” he said when contacted yesterday. 

“So take a keener interest in what your architect is doing.”  

The Star yesterday identified Faizal Abdullah as the third councillor who started construction of a bungalow in Kampung Raja Uda here without getting MPK’s approval. 

The other two are Klang state assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros, an MPK councillor who was building a mansion in Kampung Idaman, and Datuk Mazlynoor Abdul Latiff, who started work on his bungalow in Kampung Raja Uda. 

Both Zakaria and Faizal blamed their respective architects for failing to make sure all the necessary approvals were obtained before construction work started. 

Faizal had promised that his architect would submit the building plans by Monday next week. 

Abdul Bakir also warned councillors who held land under Temporary Occupational Licence (TOL) not to misuse the land for purposes other than described in the approval of the council’s business licence.  

It was believed Abdul Bakir had voiced his concern because he discovered that some councillors who owned businesses had not complied with the business licences. 

“We are conducting a thorough check on various businesses operating on TOL land. Initial checks showed a few had not complied with conditions in the licences,” he said. 

“In some cases, the council had approved the land for car showrooms but now we see restaurants there.”  

Abdul Bakir said the council would issue notices to the “illegal” businesses.  

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