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Law out to prove he is not playing the fool

Sunday April 24, 2005

Law out to prove he is not playing the fool

PENANG: Last year's Malaysian Idol reject Kris Law Chin Chiang is back but he is no longer wearing sexy yellow shorts.  

Clad in blue T-shirt and jeans, Law, 26, said he came back for the audition to correct the perception that he wasn't serious the first time round.  

“I was not joking. I can sing and I want to show that I am not playing the fool,” he said after making it through the pre-audition at the Penang International Sports Arena yesterday.  

Law sang Anuar Zain's Semua Untukmu, a more subdued number to prove his seriousness in becoming a real artiste. 

The Penang-born Law who works in Kuala Lumpur, said he gained the moniker of the guy with the “sexy shorts” after his video was circulated via e-mail last year, which subsequently landed him with a radio interview by Hitzfm. 

TOO SEXY: Law re-enacting his sexy performance of Kylie Minogue’s song last year that caused him to be rejected during the Malaysian Idol talent search outside the Penang International Sports Arena yesterday.
More opportunities came when he was approached by a modelling agency, a production house to film a corporate video and was offered cameo roles in two dramas, Abang Asmara and Anak Mami Jarum Junior

Hosted by Soo Kui Jien and Cheryl Samad, Malaysian Idol Season II kicked off in Kuching on April 9 and 10 that attracted about 1,000 participants.  

The Johor Baru show on April 16 and 17 attracted 1,200 hopefuls.  

After Penang the next audition in Kuala Lumpur will be held on May 6 to 8 while the first episode will be broadcast on 8TV on May 27.