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Saturday September 15, 2012

Hair solution in sight

LOSING his hair in his 20s was a major headache for Terence Too.

He knew well that it was caused by work pressure as he had to worry about sales figures almost everyday. Like others, he needed the job for a living, so all he could do was to be on a constant search for hair-growth solutions.

That search led him to a doctor who had come out with his own remedy after years of research. The result was tremendous.

As the balding diminished and new hair started to grow, Too thought it was time the doctor’s remedy be given nice packaging and launched into the market so that those who faced the same problem as he did could regain their confidence.

He took about a year to prepare a comprehensive proposal for the doctor, who gave his consent to commercialise the remedy. That was the birth of Lavigato, and a new chapter in Too’s career.

<b>Oasis for hair:</b> Too (left) and Lee’s vision is to make Solaio Salon Spa a place for urbanites to take a breather. Oasis for hair: Too (left) and Lee’s vision is to make Solaio Salon Spa a place for urbanites to take a breather.

Once a victim of pushy promoters, Too set out to adopt a different marketing strategy for Lavigato, and put his foot down on hard selling that would only put off potential customers.

“I have experience in strategic marketing and have done market research before. That was good experiences for me.

“Lavigato is a new brand, it is not easy for this brand to compete with the established names in the market.

“However, a dose of creativity and flexibility does wonders. We decided to adopt the word ‘spa’ instead of the common ‘hair care product’ or ‘hair care centre’ to attract attention,” he said.

That brought forth the birth of Solaio Salon Spa, a collaboration with professional hair stylist Felix Lee, the first step in marketing Lavigato.

“Lee is very experienced, he is also someone who goes the extra mile for his dream. He has positive thinking and a positive attitude — traits that I want myself to have. Lee’s participation in Solaio Salon Spa helps tremendously. Customers come to him to look good, that brings in new opportunities for the product,” he said.

Solaio’s customers are given free hair analysis. They can also indulge in the spa treatments. After all, the owners’ vision is to make the salon a place for urbanites to take a breather.

Too pointed out that the products are free from ingredient harmful to the scalp that are found in many hair products. According to Too, one can tell that Lavigato products do not contain these ingredients because they do not produce bubbles when used.

Lavigato comprises three ranges, each with three reasonably priced products. The formula and production is done locally.

Too and Lee work well together as they know their roles well.

Lee is responsible for styling while Too promotes Lavigato products.

The duo believe in not pushing customers to buy the products or services with numerous recommendations, they stand by their professionalism.

“I think whether or not you love your job, is the key point here. If you love doing it, you will look forward to it every day, you will work hard for it, and be positive about it,” Too said.

To them, the key is not whether they are successful, and they have not defined the word “success”. They say the important thing is that they are working hard towards their goal.

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