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Published: Tuesday December 11, 2012 MYT 7:11:00 PM

Several Cameron Highlands' residents obtain injunction to stop developer

KUANTAN: Several Cameron Highlands residents have successfully obtained an injunction to stop a developer from carrying out soil movement works near their homes.

Their lawyer Yudistra Darma Dorai said High Court judge Justice Mariana Yahya had also set aside the plaintiff LTT Development's ex parte and inter parte injunctions to stop the residents from encroaching or dwelling on the land located in Ulu Telom, Cameron Highlands.

"The judge granted our application for an injunction to have LTT Development cease all work involving soil movement near the residents' area. Our argument is that we have got an expert affirmed in an affidavit that there are risks of landslide, rock fall and landslip from the work being carried out which will endanger the lives of the neighbouring residents," Yudistra said on Tuesday.

In September last year, the Green Cow residents lodged a police report against LTT Development, fearing that their homes were in danger of being hit by a landslide due to bulldozing works by the developer.

In May this year, the residents set up camp in the developer's area to prevent them from carrying out the commercial shoplot project.

LTT Development subsequently obtained an ex parte injunction to stop the residents from trespassing into the disputed land.

Following that, the residents and political activist B. Suresh Kumar put in an application to set aside the ex parte injunction and to get their own injunction against LTT Development.

They also agreed not to enter the land temporarily after setting up camp for more than 100 days.

Suresh Kumar said ultimately, they hope LTT Development would negotiate with them on compensations to relocate.

"We are asking the government to provide the land and the developer to compensate us so we can build new houses," he said.

Meanwhile, LTT Development's lawyer T. Gunaseelan said his client could still carry out work provided it was not done near the residents' area.

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