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Thursday September 16, 2010

Hawker ‘fried’ on the Net

GEORGE TOWN: A boycott campaign has been launched in cyberspace against a famous char koay teow seller in Lorong Selamat here for allegedly berating an elderly woman for commenting that her food was too expensive.

The seller Soon Suan Choo, 63, however brushed it aside, deeming it as a mischievious act from a dissatisfied customer.

A caricature of the hawker telling the old lady that “people like you can’t afford” is being widely circulated via e-mail. The incident is alleged to have occurred on Aug 30.

Business as usual: Soon busy frying koay teow at Lorong Selamat.

The person behind the caricature has urged the public to boycott the char koay teow seller. “No one should be subjected to such treatment,” the person said.

Soon admitted that the incident did occur.

Although her picture was used in the carricature, she claimed the person who uttered the words was her sister.

“My sister only said that the old lady can choose not to eat if she thinks the food is expensive.

“She meant no harm. Further-more, the remark was not uttered directly to the elderly woman,” she said.

Soon said the person who launched the campaign was merely trying to find fault with her and her sister.

“He can do whatever he likes. The caricature has not affected my business at all,” she said.

Soon, who has been selling char koay teow for 41 years and only moved into the coffeeshop three years ago, said she has no plan to take legal action against anyone.

“Sometimes it is very hard to please all customers, especially when we are busy,” she said.