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Tuesday October 13, 2009

Awesome show by Iranian gymnasts

THE Iranians stamped their mark at the second International Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics Friendship Competition at the Sri KL in Subang Jaya recently.

In their debut at the biennial meet, the foreign junior competitors from three club-based sides — Kerman, Ardebil and Ghaemshahr Gymnastic Society — made a clean sweep on the podium in the boys’ artistic contest decided over three disciplines (parallel bars, vault and floor exercise).

Competition director Mike Ng from Total Gymnastique Club said it was a good eye-opener for the local trainees under their tutelage to scale greater heights.

“Our gymnasts have a lot of catching up to do and they need to show their seriousness with better commitment to move up to a higher level.

Head over heels: Keyvan Ansari Maranny of Ardebil holding on to an upright position on the parallel bars

“Currently, they are only pursuing it at recreational level, training three times a week.

“The Iranians work out six times a week and each session is between four and six hours,” he added.

Each team was required to field one gymnast each in the three age-groups — Under-10, Under-12 and Under-15 — for the team event.

The Ghaemshahr trio of Seyed Reza Mirmohamma Sedeghi, Ali Ayazi, Mohammad Rokni emerged as champions with a total score of 84.387 ahead of Kerman B in second (83.240) followed by Ardebil in third (81.790).

Despite the local girls featuring for Sri KL giving a better display, it was not enough to prevent PGAA SONNY TY Gymnastics Centre from the Philippines to claim the top spot in the team event.

The PGAA SONNY TY duo of Sophia Gonzalez and Jasmin Camillo also clinched all three events (beam, vault and floor exercise) in the girls’ Under-12 and Under-15 respectively.

Balancing act: Nazarin Rokni of Ghaemshahr showing her gracefulness on the beam.

Almost 70 junior competitors including rhythmic gymnasts took part in the recent competition.

In the rhythmic events, the three foreign teams in the fray were Senachai Gymnastics Club (Thailand), PGAA SONNY TY and General Santos City (Philippines).

For the next meet in 2011, Ng said they were hoping that two more foreign countries — South Africa and Taiwan — would join the occasion.

RESULTS (artistic)


> Under-10

- Parallel Bars: 1. Mohd Madhi Nejadmahmoudabadi (Kerman A) 9.533; 2. Sajjad Taheri (Ardebil) 9.533; 3. Seyed Reza Mirmohamman Sedeghi (Ghaemshahr) 9.467

- Vault: 1. Sajjad Taheri (Ardebil) 9.600; 2. Seyed Reza Mirmohamma Sedeghi (Ghaemshahr) 9.500; 3. Mohd Madhi Nejadmahmoudabadi (Kerman A) 9.330

- Floor Exercise: 1. Mohd Madhi Nejadmahmoudabadi (Kerman A) 9.330; 2. Sajjad Taheri (Ardebil) 9.230; 3. Sahand Safizadeh (Kerman B) 9.200

> Under-12

- Parallel Bars: 1. Hamed Babayani (Ardebil) 9.600; 2. Ali Ayazi (Ghaemshahr) 9.100; 3. Moin Setoudehnia (Kerman B) 8.930

- Vault: 1. Ali Ayazi (Ghaemshahr) 9.600; 2. Hamed Babayani (Ardebil) 9.430; 3. Moin Setoudehnia (Kerman B) 9.230

- Floor Exercise: 1. Madhi Ahmadkohani (Kerman A) 9.560; 2. Moin Setoudehnia (Kerman B) 9.230; 3. Ali Ayazi (Ghaemshahr) 9.160

> Under-15

- Parallel Bars: 1. Mohammad Rokni (Ghaemshahr) 9.600; 2. Ashkan Evazinejad (Kerman B) 9.460; 3. Fazel Hoseinirabori (Kerman A) 9.260

- Vault: 1. Ashkan Evazinejad (Kerman B) 9.630; 2. Mohammad Rokni (Ghaemshahr) 9.500; 3. Fazel Hoseinirabori (Kerman A) 9.067

- Floor Exercise: 1. Mohammad Rokni (Ghaemshahr) 9.400; 2. Fazel Hoseinirabori (Kerman A) 9.100; 3. Ashkan Evazinejad (Kerman B) 9.030

> Team: 1. Ghaemshahr (Seyed Reza Mirmohamma Sedeghi, Ali Ayazi, Mohammad Rokni) 84.387; 2. Kerman B (Sahand Safizadeh, Moin Setoudehnia, Ashkan Evazinejad) 83.240; 3. Aedebil (Sajjad Taheri, Hamed Babayani, Keyvan Ansari Maranny) 81.790


> Under-10

- Beam: 1. Franchesca Isabela G. Bernal (PGAA SONNY TY) 9.234; 2. Nazanin Rokni (Ghaemshahr) 8.267; 3. Denise Tan (Total Gym) 7.167

- Vault: 1. Nazarin Rokni (Ghaemshahr) 8.234; 2. Franchesca Isabela G. Bernal (PGAA SONNY TY) 7.767; 3. Rhyon Lu (Sri KL) 7.167

- Floor Exercise: 1. Nazanin Rokni (Ghaemshahr) 8.300; 2. Franchesca Isabela G. Bernal (PGAA SONNY TY) 8.233; 3. Noor Zarith Ikma (Sri KL) 7.600

> Under-12

- Beam: 1. Sophia Gonzalez (PGAA SONNY TY) 8.167; 2. Nicole Hui (Sri KL) 5.300; 3. Ryane Lu (Total Gym) 4.334

- Vault: 1. Sophia Gonzalez (PGAA SONNY TY) 8.534; 2. Nicole Hui (Sri KL) 7.800; 3. Ryane Lu (Total Gym) 7.600

- Floor Exercise: 1. Sophia Gonzalez (PGAA SONNY TY) 9.000; 2. Ryane Lu (Total Gym) 7.033; 3. Nicole Hui (Sri KL) 5.933

> Under-15

- Beam: 1. Jasmin Camillo (PGAA SONNY TY) 8.300; 2. Nur Sabrina Mohammad (Sri KL) 8.000; 3. Chong Shin Yee (Total Gym) 7.434

- Vault: 1. Jasmin Camillo (PGAA SONNY TY) 8.134; 2. Fatemah Mahmodi (Ghaemshahr) 8.100; 3. Nur Sabrina Mohammad (Sri KL) 7.234

- Floor Exercise: 1. Jasmin Camillo (PGAA SONNY TY) 9.066; 2. Nur Sabrina Mohammad (Sri KL) 9.000; 3. Chong Shin Yee (Total Gym) 8.570

> Team: 1. PGAA SONNY TY (Franchesca Isabela G. Bernal, Sophia Gonzalez, Jasmin Camillo) 76.435; 2. Sri KL (Noor Zarith Ikma, Nicole Hui, Nur Sabrina Mohammad) 62.501; 3. Total Gym (Denise Tan, Ryane Lu, Chong Shin Yee) 61.571