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Wednesday January 2, 2008

A calm Chua faces newsmen

HEALTH Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek was in an uncomfortable position yesterday as he faced down pressmen. But he was brave and calm as he fielded questions from the reporters. 

Q: Datuk, do you know who is behind the tape?  

A: If you look at the statement, what is left out is why have they done this tape. The reason is obvious. But that is not in the statement. 

Q: Any idea, Datuk, who did it?  

A: Who has done it is not important, I already said I will not speculate. 

Q: Could it be a political rival?  

A: I don’t know and I will not speculate and it is not important. 

Q: What is your position now?  

A: All the ministers serve at the pleasure of the prime minister. 

Q: How about making a police report?  

A: I will think about it. The police have already started their own investigation. Intruding into people’s privacy is an offence. 

Q: Is this a bid to end your political career?  

A: That I do not know and I leave it to all party members, my leaders and all Malaysians to be the judge. I will not speculate. 

Q: Could there be some efforts to tarnish what you have done?  

A: I have already said the reason the tape was made and the agenda was obvious. 

Q: What was the Prime Minister’s reaction when you met him?  

A: I met the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and (the) MCA president, and (what their reactions were) I think it is appropriate for you all to ask them. I cannot represent them and give views about myself. 

Q: When did you meet the PM?  

A: I met the Prime Minister yesterday. 

Q: When did you know about the tape? 

A: On Sunday. 

Q: Have you seen the video? 

A: Yes.  

Q: How did you get the tape? 

A: A friend passed it to me.  

Q: Will you make a police report?  

A: I will give it serious thought. 

Q: How did your family take it?  

A: My wife and my children issued a statement today through Bernama.  

Q: Are you still doing ministerial work? 

A: I have two functions today: one at Segamat Hospital and after this I will go to Bekok to meet the Indian community. I will never let people down, I will not let it affect or hinder me from performing my duties as a minister, MP or party leader. 

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