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Saturday January 19, 2008

Boric acid found in noodles

YELLOW noodles made by two renowned factories have been found to contain dangerous chemicals which can cause cancer and impotence, reported Harian Metro

According to the front-page report, despite repeated warnings from the Health Ministry, manufacturers were still churning out noodles with high levels of boric acid and benzoic acid. 

It said tests found that when these yellow noodles were mixed with turmeric powder, they turned blood-red in less than 10 seconds. 

This was found at two different noodle factories in Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh. 

The newspaper said that if the noodles did not contain boric acid, they would remain yellow when mixed with turmeric. 

The use of boric acid and benzoic acid in food is prohibited because it can cause cancer and impotence, as well as other health problems such as kidney failure, diarrhoea, nausea and even death. 

It is often used as a preservative for insect control and in the manufacture of furniture and glass. However, noodle manufacturers have opted to use it in their food despite the known health risks, because the noodles stay “fresh” longer. 

The Islamic Development Department (Jakim), which raided the two manufacturers, has withdrawn the halal certification for the noodles. 

The authorities also found boxes containing white benzoic acid powder hidden away in one of the factories. 

The newspaper also reported that one of the factories had been caught in 2006 also for use of boric and benzoic acid. 

Heady issue
Kosmo! reported that awareness was still low among motorcyclists on the need to wear good quality helmets. 

It reported that many motorcyclists were wearing low-quality helmets, with worn out sponges, while a number of others were wearing decades-old helmets. 

It interviewed a number of motorcyclists and found that some had their helmets for 20 years and saw no point in buying a new one because they rarely travelled long distances on the bike. 

Others felt more comfortable in their old ones and some felt thieves were less likely to steal old helmets. 

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