Sunway Property enhances commitment to be ‘With You For Generations’

CHOOSING your dream home or securing an investment property is just the beginning of an exciting journey. But everyone knows that choosing a home is just the first step. Beyond this initial step, maintaining and managing your property effectively is crucial for maximising its value and ensuring a seamless experience.

For property investors, the goal is clear: a good rental yield and to see the property appreciate in value over time.

Tenant satisfaction is essential to maintaining occupancy and generating steady rental income. They also look forward to leveraging a developer’s strategic marketing initiatives and exclusive rewards programmes, so that they can attract premium tenants and eventually, buyers, leading to higher rental yields and increased resale values. For those with multiple properties, knowing that each one is well-cared for provides invaluable peace of mind.

Homebuyers also have specific needs and expectations. Every homebuyer deserves a developer who stands by the quality of their work, offering reassurance long after the sale is complete.

Buying a home is a significant investment, and every homeowner wants a partner who is there for you every step of the way. Busy families benefit from convenient services like cleaning and maintenance to keep their homes in excellent condition. Additionally, the sense of belonging to a vibrant community where meaningful relationships can be built is a priority for many.

From its experience of building communities for generations, Sunway Property has come to deeply understand these needs and has introduced a comprehensive suite of aftersales lifestyle solutions for homebuyers, sub-sale homebuyers and tenants – all those who live within their communities.

The Sunway Property+ membership programme reflects its unwavering commitment to be "With You For Generations". Whether you're a homeowner seeking convenience and community or an investor focused on property appreciation and tenant satisfaction, Sunway Property+ is designed to support you in achieving your goals.

Sunway Property+

Sunway Property+ comprises three pillars: Care+, Rent+ and Reward+, each designed to meet the evolving modern-day needs of Sunway Property’s residents.


Recognising that a home requires continuous care and attention, Sunway Property has introduced Care+ Cleaning.

A unique feature of Care+ Cleaning is the meticulous attention to detail taken, to ensure the utmost cleanliness of residences.

For example, three separate, colour-coded cloths are used for cleaning different areas – the bedroom and common areas, toilets and kitchen – to ensure that no dirt or dust is tracked from one area to another. Similarly, two mops are used to differentiate between “oily” kitchen floors and other bedroom and living room floors.

Most recently, Sunway Property has introduced Care+ Handyman to provide homeowners with reliable and professional assistance for various home maintenance needs, ensuring that their properties remain in excellent condition – even after purchase.

This exclusive Care+ Handyman service offers a wide range of maintenance solutions for assistance on tasks around the house, including air conditioner servicing, assistance in removing and hanging curtains in-between washes, assembly of furniture purchased online, light bulb replacements, electrical and plumbing services, wall repair, painting, locksmith services and everything in between.

The service is now available for booking from June 14 and will benefit 3,093 Sunway Property residential units in Klang Valley. This will be expanded to more residential units and regions as the developer continues to grow the service.

More than convenience, Care+ Handyman service is offered at an attractive price including air conditioner cleaning (chemical) at RM110 only.


Realising the struggles aspiring homeowners may face, Sunway Property’s Rent+ service offers multiple advantages for Sunway property owners and tenants.

Typically, renting a home is written off as a monthly necessary expense, but Sunway Property is changing that. With Rent+, renting becomes an investment towards future home ownership, bringing would-be homebuyers closer to achieving their goal.

For investors, Rent+ makes their properties more tenantable.

Tenants renting any Sunway property can save 25% of their monthly rent as Rent+ Savings, at no added cost. These savings can be used as rebates for future purchases of Sunway’s properties. The Rent+ programme applies to all past, current and future residential homes developed by Sunway Property across the country.

A new offering providing customers with rental assistance is also in the pipeline, to be launched in the coming months.


Owning a Sunway property means gaining access to Sunway’s comprehensive ecosystem through Reward+, as it invites homebuyers and residents to experience everything the developer has to offer across its extensive network through “Come Experience Sunway”.

Reward+ connects Sunway Property+ members to exclusive privileges, benefits and experiences from Sunway Property and its partners, including Sunway Multicare Pharmacy, Sunway Sanctuary Sunway SuperApp, Sunway Medical Centre and Sunway Hotel & Resort, as well as components of its start-up ecosystem such as iLabs and XFarms.

These curated rewards are designed to deliver even more lifestyle savings as well as a remarkable community experience among Sunway Property residents.

Beyond experiences, the unique feature of the Reward+ programme is also recognising sub-sale Sunway Property homebuyers. By registering as a member, at least three months ahead, sub-sale homebuyers are eligible for a 1% rebate on their next home purchase with Sunway Property.

To be eligible for these services and benefits, sub-sale homebuyers and tenants will need to register to become Sunway Property+ members. Homebuyers are automatically registered as members when they purchase a Sunway property.

To become a member or find out more about Sunway Property+, visit

Signature Series 2024

With all the benefits that come with being a Sunway Property+ member, there’s no better time than now to purchase a Sunway Property home as the developer’s flagship Signatures Series sales campaign is currently ongoing until June 30.

The campaign is also rewarding customers with special deals on all Signature Home products, developed with the unique Sunway Design and Development Architecture blueprint.

This blueprint delivers unrivalled sustainability, innovation, health and wellness, and lifestyle and new experiences, including its exciting new launches – Sunway Velocity 3 in Kuala Lumpur and Sunway Aviana Phase 3 in Johor.

Embarking on the journey of buying a new house can be a monumental step, but with Sunway Property, you are gaining not just a home, but access to an extensive ecosystem and exclusive benefits from a developer that is “With You For Generations”.

For further details and inquiries on booking appointments, as well as information on other services and redeemable benefits, visit https://ss2024.sunwayproperty

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