Bringing professional portraits to the masses with HONOR 200 series

HONOR's latest smartphone, the HONOR 200 series, features a camera co-engineered with world-famous Studio Harcourt.

A professionally done portrait can cost more than RM10,000, and that does not even account for additional travel expenses or inconveniences.

The hope to have a high-quality, professionally taken photo often remains out of reach for many people due to the excessive costs and logistical challenges.

A professional portrait setup is rarely portable, and accessibility becomes an issue.

Now, imagine a world where the elegance and professional setup of Studio Harcourt, a legendary portrait studio in Paris, is within the grasp of everyday users right in their smartphone camera.

This will soon be a reality with the upcoming release of the HONOR 200 series, a groundbreaking move in the smartphone photography landscape.

HONOR has collaborated with Studio Harcourt to bring world-renowned portrait quality directly to the palm of the everyday user.

This innovation is not just about convenience; it's about making professional-quality photography accessible to more people.

No longer limited by cost or location, users can become their own photographers, capturing moments with the same level of artistry and sophistication previously reserved for the elite.

An established photography collaborator

Studio Harcourt is well-known for its black-and-white photograph style.

The company has produced photos of various movie stars and celebrities; for the French upper-middle class, having a portrait taken at Harcourt was once a status symbol.

Celebrities who have had their portraits taken by Studio Harcourt.Celebrities who have had their portraits taken by Studio Harcourt.

Today, many celebrities still fly to Paris and spend over RM10,000 for a portrait that captures the essence of their personality and presence.

In a space where smartphone-camera brand collaborations can often be perceived as mere marketing fluff, the HONOR 200 series stands out.

This collaboration is not just about attaching a prestigious name, it is a strategic partnership aimed at bringing improved technical standards to the main draw—the camera.

HONOR’s cutting-edge AI technology, combined with Harcourt’s timeless portraiture expertise, results in something truly transformative.

Artistic potential at your fingertips, take professional quality photos in the palm of your hand.Artistic potential at your fingertips, take professional quality photos in the palm of your hand.

Professional photos at your fingertips

The HONOR 200 series leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to replicate Studio Harcourt's iconic portrait style.

The camera intelligently identifies the scene, automatically adjusting light, colour and composition, through light and shadow reconstruction, to produce photos with an artistic flair.

More than 20 experts from both HONOR and Studio Harcourt dedicated over 400 days to this project, analysing over 1,000 lighting scenarios and millions of datasets to train the AI.

The result is a smartphone that does not just take photos but creates something close to art.

While conventional smartphone filters often result in flat and monotonous images, the Harcourt portrait mode on the HONOR 200 devices provides depth and complexity.

Local Tech Youtuber Fazli Halim tested HONOR 200 Pro’s Harcourt portrait mode.Local Tech Youtuber Fazli Halim tested HONOR 200 Pro’s Harcourt portrait mode.

The AI processes the images with a large number of calculations, analysing the light and shadow structure. This results in photos that mirror those taken in the iconic Paris studio.

The HONOR 200 series offers three professional Harcourt portrait modes: vibrant, colour and classic.

Each mode is designed to bring a unique touch of Harcourt's artistry to photos.

Go further with the HONOR 200 Pro camera capabilities

The HONOR 200 Pro ensures exceptional photography with its advanced hardware. The Pro version features a Super Dynamic H9000 Sensor (1/1.3”) in the main camera, while the non-Pro model is equipped with the exclusive Sony IMX906 sensor.

The telephoto camera utilises the Sony IMX856 sensor, providing high quality zoom capabilities.

The AI Portrait Engine enhances portrait photos, making them appear more natural and lifelike. Additionally, both the main and telephoto cameras come with dual optical image stabilisation (OIS) and electronic image stabilisation (EIS) for sharp photos.

The 50MP selfie camera is perfect for capturing high-quality self-portraits, easy to achieve professional quality in any setting.

The HONOR 200 series is not just about taking photos, it's about making every shot a masterpiece.

With its collaboration with Studio Harcourt, HONOR is setting a new standard in smartphone photography, merging cutting-edge technology with timeless artistic elegance.

Whether it is for casual use or professional-level photography, the HONOR 200 series provides an unparalleled experience, turning everyday moments into extraordinary works of art.

HONOR 200 series launching on June 19

The HONOR 200 series will officially launch on June 19 at 8pm. HONOR offers an early bird special where customers can receive extra freebies worth up to RM1,377.

By placing a deposit of RM20, buyers can enjoy rewards such as RM200 deposit rebate and HONOR Bundle Gifts.

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