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Malaysia Book of records has bestowed Skyawani 3 with the record for “Highest residential SkyBridge in Malaysia”.Malaysia Book of records has bestowed Skyawani 3 with the record for “Highest residential SkyBridge in Malaysia”.

THINK affordable urban housing and what often comes to mind are Spartan dwellings that forego aesthetics, comfort and liveability.

But some innovative property developers – like SkyWorld Development Berhad, have bucked that trend in their affordable housing projects.

Combining great design with modern comforts, strategic locations, comprehensive facilities, landscaping, outdoor spaces and sustainable features, it brings everything that one would expect of high-quality condominiums, to a more accessible price point.

More importantly, it also uplifts quality of life for all those who call it home and serves as a benchmark of what affordable, modern urban housing should be.

This outstanding premise earned the developer its second World Gold in the Affordable Housing Category of the prestigious FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards 2024 held in Gardens by The Bay, Singapore.

The winning project is SkyAwani 3 Residences in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.

Last year, despite being a first-time participant, SkyWorld’s SkyAwani 2 Residences was named a World Gold winner in under the same category of the awards, which was held in Miami, the United States of America.

SkyWorld’s CEO, Lee Chee Seng, saw these accolades as affirmation of the company’s belief that building affordable urban housing should be more than just providing the bare necessities.

There has to be quality workmanship, good locations, array of lifestyle amenities as well as an emphasis on sustainable construction and living, with no compromise on design or aesthetics.

“Our goal was to foster a communal living environment that unites people from diverse backgrounds. This allows residents to share spaces and engage in activities based on shared interests and values.

“By doing this, we fulfil our brand promise of ‘You Can Now Own A Quality Home and Living’ which aims to enhance the lives of both current and future generations,” Lee explained.

Tranquil pool paradise surrounded by lush greenery.Tranquil pool paradise surrounded by lush greenery.

Commitment to quality

SkyWorld’s maiden development came in 2014 with the 28-acre SkyArena, also in Setapak.

A year later, it launched its first affordable housing development, SkyAwani Residences, kicking off its Awani series which is a combined effort with the Malaysian Government.

To date, the company has built a total of 14 projects amounting to 13,156 units. Out of this, five projects are affordable high-rises. The latter had a total of 6,236 units for purchasers in the M40 bracket.

“We firmly believe that every homeowner deserves a residence constructed with impeccable quality as its foundation, regardless of pricing,” added Lee.

SkyWorld is one of the few developers committed to ensuring that all its products are QLASSIC compliant. QLASSIC, which stands for Quality Assessment System in Construction, is a certification scheme developed by Construction Industry Development Board, Malaysia.

SkyWorld takes a step further on quality by implementing their own comprehensive quality management system called SkyWorld Quality Standard (OQS), an internal quality measurement method in line with the quality standards set by the Construction Industry Standard (CIDB – CIS 7 Standard and BCA – CONQUAS Standard).

This is to ensure the standard quality assessment system for construction projects undertaken by contractors achieves quality assessment objectives.

“We do this by measuring constructed work against workmanship standards and specifications by using a sampling approach to suitably represent the SkyWorld quality programme during the construction period,” Lee explained

SkyWorld has also implemented a “brand guarantee” whereby its Awani Series projects must achieve a minimum of 70% in its QLASSIC score and above. If the property fails to obtain this, there will be an extension of the defect liability period.

“These are our commitments to uncompromised quality,” Lee added.

Upon completion, SkyAwani 3 achieved a QLASSIC score of 79% by CIDB.

Practical layout with 3+1 rooms and 2 bathrooms.Practical layout with 3+1 rooms and 2 bathrooms.

The ‘6 Perfects’

Sitting on a 4.58-acre piece of land are three 52-storey towers with 1,905 units of 800sq ft condominiums, each with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The high-rise was designed around the concept of ‘6 Perfects’, namely:

1) Perfect price — At only RM300,000, its units are an attractive option for those in the low to middle income bracket.

2) Perfect design — In line with the company’s design ethos of “Healthy Building, Healthy Living”, SkyAwani 3’s units are crafted with an effective passive design and practicality in mind. Large windows, high ceilings, good finishes and high-quality workmanship are key features.

All units are designed for efficient daylight penetration which ensures that over 50% of habitable areas are successfully lit by natural light throughout the day. In addition, the same design takes into account cross-air ventilation for comfortable air circulation within the unit.

3) Perfect location — SkyAwani 3’s location in Setapak is well- connected to everywhere in Kuala Lumpur. There is easy access to public transportation, making it convenient to get around the city. It is also within walking distance to SAMA Square, a lifestyle hub with grocery stores, dining and retail options.

4) Perfect facilities — Residents enjoy a rich tapestry of 22 recreational and active facilities, including a luxurious swimming pool with bubble jet Jacuzzi, games room, scenic jogging track, full-sized basketball court, gymnasium, children’s playground, barbecue area, landscaped gardens and multipurpose hall.

5) Perfect solutions — The SkyWorld Connects App (SWC 2.0) enhances the living experience by connecting the community and allowing for efficient communication between owners, residents and management alike.

Meanwhile, the first of its kind Solution+ e-commerce platform connects SkyWorld homeowners with traders, so one can easily look up contacts, engage services such as interior design, renovations or purchase furniture, home products and more, hassle-free.

There are also parcel lockers on-site for convenient and safe, contactless delivery. No more worrying about goods purchased online that arrive when you are not at home. This also reduces carbon footprint by negating unnecessary trips to the post office or courier centres to collect undelivered items.

According to the recently published Green Last Mile Europe 2022 report, one parcel locker can reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 13,845kg per year, which corresponds to the purification of the atmosphere by 2,769 trees.

6) Perfect green living — SkyAwani 3 was designed with sustainability and wholesome living in mind. The passive building design with natural ventilation and lighting, as well as low-emissivity glass, all help to reduce energy consumption while increasing occupant comfort.

Rainwater harvesting helps conserve a precious resource. Around 50% of the overall development site also features landscaping, from turfing to trees and shrubs. This lush greenery and vibrant flora create a serene and inviting atmosphere for residents to come home to.

Further elevating SkyAwani 3’s appeal is its recognition for having the “Highest Residential SkyBridge in Malaysia” by The Malaysia Book of Records.

The 170.55m SkyBridge on level 52 not only connects all three towers but also provides residents with unobstructed panoramic views of the stunning Kuala Lumpur city skyline.

For many, this is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, particularly in the evenings when the lights of distant skyscrapers come alive.

“As a city developer, we have to strategically leverage urbanisation trends to meet the ever-evolving needs of modern communities. This is why we continuously expand our presence and innovation.

“Hence, earning ourselves a global recognition for our unwavering commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality homes for modern, urban folk. It has been a truly humbling moment for all of us,” Lee ended.

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