Transform your business finances with RHB Reflex Premium Plus

RHB is helping businesses streamline operations, lower costs, increase speed processes, and reduce error rates to improve client service.

 In tune with businesses needs, RHB launched the RHB Reflex Premium Plus to provide direct solutions to simplify daily operations and manage cash flow. In tune with businesses needs, RHB launched the RHB Reflex Premium Plus to provide direct solutions to simplify daily operations and manage cash flow.

BUSINESSES that surge ahead in the current complex business environment have a few things in common. More often than not, the proprietors of these businesses are dynamic, not complacent and quick to adapt to challenges such as supply chain issues, interest rates changes, among others.

Meanwhile, some of their peers continue to struggle with outdated organisational processes and structures, particularly those that involve finances. According to RHB Bank Berhad’s survey on Malaysian businesses, a staggering 79% of respondents found managing cash flow complex and daunting. These findings fueled the development of RHB Reflex Premium Plus.

"At RHB, we listen to our customers. RHB’s survey identified a critical need for streamlined financial management solutions. RHB Reflex Premium Plus is a direct response to that need,” said RHB Bank Berhad group transaction banking head Dev Raaj Shanmugam.

Launched in 2019, the RHB Reflex Premium Plus - a comprehensive ecosystem designed to simplify daily operations - has revolutionised the way businesses manage their finances and also positioned RHB Bank Berhad as the pioneer in Malaysia's banking industry to leverage application programming interfaces (API) for seamless data exchange with third-party software programmes.

Seamless integration for enhanced efficiency

The cornerstone of RHB Reflex Premium Plus is its API integration capability. This allows for seamless data exchange between RHB Reflex, the bank's award-winning online cash management platform, and trusted partners like Financio, SQL, and Talenox for Accounting and HR software.

Dev Raaj explained that this integration empowers businesses to move beyond traditional banking methods. "Imagine initiating payments directly within your accounting software, authorising them through RHB Reflex, and eliminating the need for manual data entry. This not only saves businesses valuable time but also minimises the risk of errors associated with manual processes,” he said.

Benefits beyond convenience: Streamlined operations and risk reduction

Noting that RHB Reflex Premium Plus offers a multitude of benefits that extend far beyond convenience Dev Raaj said: "Our API integration allows businesses to initiate payments directly within their accounting or HR software. This ensures prompt payments on invoices or payroll, fostering stronger relationships with vendors and employees.

“Additionally, by fetching real-time bank balances directly within the accounting software, businesses gain immediate insights into their cash flow position, allowing for more informed financial decisions."

At one’s fingertips

With RHB Reflex Premium Plus, businesses can:

  • Fetch Real-Time Bank Balances: Gain instant insights into your financial health without logging into RHB Reflex.
  • Initiate Payments with Ease: Process supplier invoices or payroll directly within your accounting or HR software, and authorise them securely within RHB Reflex.
  • Automate Reconciliation: Eliminate manual data entry and streamline reconciliation with Two-Way Bank Feeds.
  • Holistic View: Access a consolidated accounting dashboard directly within RHB Reflex, providing a clear picture of your finances.

Proven success and future expansion

With close to 5,000 satisfied customers already benefiting from RHB Reflex Premium Plus, its impact is undeniable. Looking ahead, RHB is committed to continuous improvement.

"We are constantly innovating and expanding our partner network. This ensures our customers have access to the most advanced solutions to meet their evolving needs,” said Dev Raaj.

Embrace a simpler yet successful future with RHB Reflex Premium Plus

RHB Reflex Premium Plus offers businesses a powerful and integrated ecosystem, paving the way for a more efficient and streamlined future. To learn more about how RHB Reflex Premium Plus can transform your business operations, contact RHB Bank Berhad today. For more information, head to the nearest RHB branch or visit

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