Want the best value 5G plans? Look to U Mobile’s 5G ready prepaid and postpaid plans

U Mobile makes 5G available to its postpaid and prepaid subscribers at no extra cost. U Mobile makes 5G available to its postpaid and prepaid subscribers at no extra cost.

IT IS no secret that the 5G network is significantly superior than its predecessors. You not only get higher speed and lower latency but also enjoy greater capacity than say 4G LTE networks.

A household name in its own right, U Mobile has taken Malaysia by storm, with 92.7% LTE population coverage plus some seven million subscribers and growing.

Therefore, when it comes to jumping on the 5G bandwagon U Mobile aims to make the transition as seamless as possible for their subscribers by making 5G available to its postpaid and prepaid subscribers at no extra cost.

Eligible plans include postpaid plans such as U Postpaid 98, U Postpaid 68, U Postpaid 38, U FamilyShare and prepaid plans like U25 and U35.

However, if you are stumped with the slew of offering available to you, here’s a sneak peek at some of the benefits:

For those who like to plan ahead

Prepaid plans allow you to not only plan ahead but also help you keep track of your entitlements and be on the ball for all your telco needs.

For those who prefer prepaid plans such as the U35, you can now get a better 5G experience with free unlimited 5G on weekends also at no extra cost.

Besides that, you can also enjoy unlimited 4G or 5G uncapped high speed data from midnight every Saturday and end at 11.59 PM every Sunday.

All you have to do to enjoy unlimited 5G on weekends is to redeem it weekly via the MyUMobile app.

Alternatively, you can opt for the U25 plan where you can get a taste of the faster and

more powerful 5G experience through U Mobile’s free 30 hours speed booster up to 5G speeds with no commitment and only at RM25.

Use now, pay later folks

When you jump on the U Mobile postpaid bandwagon with new plans, you get to enjoy up to 1,000GB of 5G data.

New subscribers to U Postpaid can enjoy 5G without a 4G data split, without incurring additional fee and better yet, there is no need to worry about buying add-ons to complete your plan.

However, this is as long as you are using 5G phones and in 5G locations, where you can enjoy the 5G network fully – subject to data allocation in respective plans.

For those who love a good deal

If you aren’t convinced or on the hunt for one of the best deals in town, you can learn how to work and play like never before with an ultra-fast 5G network.

U Mobile subscribers can enjoy 10x to 100x ultra-fast speeds that enable you to download and upload large data in a blink of an eye as well as send and receive information more efficiently with five times quicker response time than you’ve ever experienced.

What’s more, you get a thousand times more connections which plug you into a bigger and stronger network with one million connected devices per sq km and is also five times more energy efficient compared to earlier generations.

Like its predecessors, 5G will likely make its way to more selections of mid-range phones.

Therefore, you can either choose to upgrade to a mid-range phone or enjoy an uncapped speed from postpaid and speed booster from prepaid.

Want to learn more on how 5G can elevate your life? Discover what 5G could mean for you in your everyday life as well as business needs here.

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