Liverpool will definitely whip United at home

OKAY all you Manchester United fans, look away. 

Liverpool will beat the Red Devils 3-1 in their English Premier League match at Anfield on Monday.

Am I saying it because I am a diehard Liverpool fan?

Well, yeah!

But seriously, there are so many reasons why I’m predicting a Liverpool win, none more so than their fast and furious style of play.

Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp’s gegenpressing method is bearing fruit.

The game against United will be his 38th in charge since he took over the Anfield hot seat last October. And in the 37 matches that he has been at the helm, Liverpool have scored 73 goals – the most among all the other Premier League sides.

They also have the most average possession stat – 58.8%.

They’ve outrun most of their opponents and done more sprints.

If there is one failing, then it’s their shaky defence. Liverpool have conceded the most number of goals among all the Premier League sides in the last 37 matches.

But if Philippe Coutinho, Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, Adam Lallana (if he is fit to play), Jordan Henderson and Daniel Sturridge can create chances and score, then it won’t really matter if the defence leaks in a goal or two.

Another reason why I say Liverpool will win is their new-found self-belief – among the players and the fans.

When Klopp first took over, he promised to turn the doubters into believers. He may have been talking about the fans, but the players have also bought into his philosophy.

The team now are not as easily beaten. The Reds have shown resilience and determination even when the chips are down. And that is a hallmark of champions.

And then there is the small matter of confidence. Winning breeds confidence, right?

If that’s so, then Liverpool’s confidence must be sky high – having won their last four EPL matches!

Well enough of Liverpool.

What about United?

Well, United will always be United. They think they are bigger than everyone else. The key word is think.

But if they were, then how come they’ve only won the Champions League three times? Shouldn’t a big club like them be boasting of more Champions League titles?

Oh wait, I forgot. They are not even in the Champions League this season.

It’s the Mickey Mouse trophy - Europa League – trophy that they are vying for!

Okay. Enough Devil-bashing.

The Red Devils are slowly but surely being transformed into the all-conquering giants they were in domestic competition under Alex Ferguson.

New manager Jose Mourinho still needs a bit of time to impose his style of play.

But that doesn’t mean United can’t beat Liverpool.

Trust me, they have the players who can hurt Liverpool and silence the Kop.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Marcus Rashford, Paul Pogba, Anthony Martial, Wayne Rooney, Jesse Lingard, Ander Herrera are just as capable of punishing Liverpool with their pace and finishing.

Having said that, the United attack has at times been slow and ponderous – especially when Rooney is on the field. So, I’m hoping Mourinho will field his skipper.

And don’t forget, the Devils have only won one of their last four EPL matches. They lost two and drew another – just saying.

All said and done, I’m still sticking with the slick, speedy and stylish Liverpool side to get the better of the Devils and celebrate their fifth win on the trot!


Sports editor R. Manogaran has another prediction. This time, all you Liverpool fans better look away. Liverpool will not win the EPL title this season. Klopp needs another summer transfer window to get his men and launch the mother-of-all assault on the title. YNWA!