The Malaysian Junior Hockey farce

Wash out. This year's Malaysian Junior Hockey League is fast becoming a joke with one farcical turn after another.

Wash out. This year's Malaysian Junior Hockey League is fast becoming a joke with one farcical turn after another.

KUALA LUMPUR: The MHC-Milo-NSC Malaysia Junior Hockey League (MJHL) made its debut in 1995. Yet after all these years the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) competitions committee cannot run the league professionally.

This year’s league is just three days old. But from the day they held their team managers’ meeting on Dec 28 there has been one blunder after another.

Some are just downright comical and you will not find it happening elsewhere.

The latest in a series of blunders is the choice of umpires for a match on Sunday.

This blunder takes the cake.

It was well and good that a woman umpire was selected for a men’s game.

A. Kannagi was one of the umpires for the match between KLSS Juniors-MSSWP and Permatang Juniors.

But what the MHC officials failed to recognise is the fact that she is also registered as an assistant coach for the KLSS Juniors-MSSWP team. And she is also a teacher with KLSS.

How could the tournament technical committee allow her to handle the game when she has personal interests in one of the teams?

It has always been made clear that no official in a tournament can double up as a team official. This has always been the ruling.

The tournament’s umpires manager Ravinderpal Singh said that Kannagi did not declare her status to them when they listed her as one of the umpires for the MJHL match.

“We will look into this when the technical committee meets. We did not know she was registered with the team as an assistant coach,” he said.

KLSS-MSSWP won the match 5-1. They may have very well deserved the win, but Permatang Juniors have a good reason to ask the match to be awarded to them or at least to be replayed.

Kannagi, on the other hand, could be barred from taking part in the MJHL. After all, that is the punishment for any player who is dual-registered.

Prior to the start of the MJHL, dual registration reared its ugly head. Incomplete entry forms are now the norm. And on Friday, the title sponsors were denied permission to put up their A-boards in the KL Hockey Stadium.

And to add to the woes is another simple matter of a team’s name.

During the team managers meeting one set of team names were issued.

But, when it came time for the fixtures, the teams had different names. Of course it must be said that the fixtures were changed a few times, too.

Now, after two matches, Anderson who registered under the Anderson-Perak SEDC banner is claiming that they are Anderson-MBI.

Then there is the case of the KLSS Juniors who were promoted after winning the Division Two last year.

They are now playing under a totally new banner, which is KLSS-KLHC. New teams should start in Division Two.

But there is a KLSS Juniors-MSSW in the lower division.

With the numerous issues that are surfacing, the MJHL has indeed become a joke.