It’s no go for tennis, volleyball, cricket and judo

KUALA LUMPUR: Tennis, volleyball, cricket and judo will not feature in the 11th Sukma (Malaysia Games) hosted by Kedah. 

The assistant chief coordinator of the Games, Yazlan Sunardie Che Yahya, said that they had settled for 26 sports after the inclusion of basketball to the list. 

“It’s final. There will be no more additions,” he said. 

Yazlan said the decision was made by the Games’ committee, state national sports councils and the National Sports Council (NSC) “after looking into the matter rationally”. 

As hosts, Kedah have the privilege to choose the sports to add to the compulsory 19 events. 

“We have decided to add on sports in which Kedah have better prospects to win medals,” said Yazlan. 

“We are also aware that by doing so, we may have created dissatisfaction to some parties.” 

Yazlan added that another reason for not adding tennis, volleyball, cricket and judo to the list was the lack of facilities for the sports in Kedah. 

“Sports associations for these games are also either not available in Kedah or they are inactive,” he said. 

The 19 compulsory sports for the Games scheduled for May 24-June 4 are bowling, badminton, aquatic (swimming and diving), athletics, gymnastics, football, hockey, squash, sepaktakraw, shooting, archery, weightlifting, lawn bowls, wushu, taekwondo, karate, silat, sailing and cycling. 

Besides basketball, Kedah’s pick to add to the list are golf, boxing, rugby, fencing, table tennis and netball. 

Basketball was included following an appeal from the Malaysia Basketball Association (Maba) to the Games’ committee. 

Tennis, volleyball and cricket had featured regularly in Sukma while judo made its debut in Sabah in 2002. 

At the 2004 Sukma in Negri Sembilan, 30 sports were contested. – Bernama