Trulli loses his voice after Monaco thrills

NUERBURGRING: Italian Jarno Trulli has been left literally speechless after celebrating the first victory of his Formula One career. 

The Renault driver, winner of last Sunday's Monaco Grand Prix, cancelled a meeting with reporters at the Nuerburgring on Thursday after losing his voice. 

Trulli, who spent Tuesday and Wednesday at Renault factories in France before attending soccer's Champions League final in Gelsenkirchen, left the talking to Spanish team mate Fernando Alonso instead. 

“Monaco is a very special track and here is different, maybe things will come back to normal,” Alonso told a news conference before tomorrow's European Grand Prix. “But anyway I think we have improved the car a lot. 

“In Monaco we saw a little bit of that and here in Nuerburgring I hope we can confirm that Renault is closing the gap with Ferrari and we can fight them on some occasions.” he said.